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Preston DeMarco

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Preston DeMarco

(Preston during Shore Leave;Most recent picture)

Physical Attributes

Name: Preston DeMarco
Nicknames: N/A
Nationality: Canadian; Italain
Height: 6'2
Age: 24
Hair Color: Brown Hair
Eye Color: Hazel
Skin Color: Slight Tan
Notable Features: Scar under right eye. Tattoo'd on back.

Mental Attributes

Mental State: "Good to be alive."
Mental Illnesses: N/A
Religon: Roman Catholic
Hometown: Victoria, British Columbia
Favorite Music Genre: Rock
Education: High School Graduate
Previous Occupation: Night time security guard.
Current Occupation: Marine
Languages: English, Italian - Some french.
Relationship Status: Married

(Preston in Huerta Memorial Hospital, getting treated for his injuries)

Systems Alliance Mititary History

Current Rank: Pv2
Branches Served in: Alliance Marine Corps
Units Served in: 2nd Marine Battalion 7th Marines
Combat Assignments: 3
Major Battles/Operations: Battle of London
Medical Injuries in field: Shrapnel to the shoulder; Blunt injuries to face.


Friendly - "Hey man, How are you?"
(Preston doesn't seem to care who he's talking too, if they seem friendly he'll greet them.)

Loyal - "I got your back brother."
(Preston will do anything for anybody he's close too.)

Honest   - "I swear to god, that's the truth."
(Preston's honesty is in full, a good quality in any marine.)

Not so book smart - "What?."
(Preston barley made it past high-school, before joining the Marines.)

Hot headed  - "Fuck off I got this!"
(Preston tends to put pride before safety, thinking he can do it all when he can't.  )

Sarcastic - "Aye sir, theres nothing more I would love to do than that."
(Preston and his sarcasm will mostly be there in every conversation. )

Character Log
Log Number one:
Dear May,
"I've made it onto the Citadel. Talks about my new unit makes it seem like I'm going straight into the Fray. I'm anxious and nervous to see what I'll expect. All I know is that I'm under the command of a fine command staff. They'll get me home. I'll write back to you when I can. I love you."

Character Relationships
|●| Loved - |●| Battle Buddy- |●| Friend - |●| Liked - |●| Respected- |●| Neutral - |●| Dislike - |●| Hate |●|

May DeMarco - "My lovely wife. The shit I'm pulling you through has to have enough room for you to divorce my ass. But you're staying. To think I met you years ago before the Alliance. I'm lucky to have you, don't worry I'll be home soon.

Charlotte DeMarco - "My Daughter, I've never met you or held you in person, seeing you were born only a few days before I was shipped out to the Citadel awaiting my assignment. I'll be back home for you too, you have my eyes and face. I didn't even hold you or meet you yet and I can tell you're already my world. I'll meet you soon princess.

Commander Greene - "I've never met the Commander in person before. I heard rumors about him when they told me I got picked for this team. I've heard many stories about this unit and this particular Commander. It's going to be an honor to serve under him"


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