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Celestial Type: Planet
Age: 1.09 Billion Years
Radius: 2,820 mi
Mass: 5.01 × 10^22 kg
Surface Temperature: 22 Degrees Fahrenheit

Planet Type: Arctic World
Distance from Sun: 104 million mi
Habitability Level: 2
Colonies Established: 1
Resources: TBD


Colony Name: Lars' Hearth
Colony Population: 820,352
Colony Type: Resource Gathering
Colony Specialization: Mining, Research, Refining
Year Established: 2122


Fort Hades(Training Grounds and home to 2nd Vanguard Regiment)

  • Eagle Training Battalion(Vanguard Training)
  • 2nd Vanguard Regiment
  • 1st Special Operations Aviation Regiment

Fort Varangian

  • 1st Beoldred Guard Legion
  • 10th Alpine Division
  • Imperial Intelligence Command
  • 72nd Naval Aviation Wing

Orbital Defenses

Satellites: 3 (3 Large Scanning Satellites)
Orbital Defenses: 5 KEGs 2 at Each pole, one near Lars Hearth/Styx Sphere(Network of heavy AA, Orbital Defense and Artillery Guns surrounding Lars' Hope and surrounded installations)
Orbital Structures: Four Orbital Farms, One Military Battlestation (Charon Station)
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