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Celestial Type: Planet
Age: 3.09 Billion Years
Radius: 3,172 mi
Mass: 5.143 × 10^22 kg
Surface Temperature: 101 Degrees Fahrenheit

Planet Type: Barren World
Distance from Sun: 42 million mi
Habitability Level: 2
Colonies Established: 2
Resources: TBD


Colony Name: New Houston
Colony Population: 90,352
Colony Type: Resource Gathering
Colony Specialization: Mining
Year Established: 2051

Colony Name: New Chicago
Colony Population: 102,185
Colony Type: Resource Gathering
Colony Specialization: Mining
Year Established: 2049


Planetary Defenses: 

  • 14th Planetary Guard, stationed in New Chicago. (Regiment)
  • 13th Planetary Guard, stationed in New Houston. (Regiment)
  • 12th Planetary Guard, stationed at Camp Creed, twenty miles out from New Chicago and twenty two miles out from New Houston (Regiment)
  • 9th Mechanized Infantry, stationed at Camp Creed (Brigade)
  • 102nd, 24th, and 93rd Airdrop Sections, stationed at Airbase Benjamin, five miles out from Camp Creed
  • 73rd Bomber Wing, stationed at Airbase Benjamin 

Fleet Garrison: 

  • 5th Auxiliary Fleet (Stationed at Jackal Dock, above the Northern Pole)
  • Along the patrol path of the 1st Defense Fleet


Satellites: 3 (Solar Panels, two satellites for precision marking)
Orbital Defenses: Two KEGs at each pole (Kinetically Engaged Guns)
Orbital Structures: One Orbital Farm, One Military Dock (Jackal Dock)

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