Congregation of Zetesis

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Congregation of Zetesis

Post by Sly Coopr on Sun Feb 19, 2017 10:43 pm

Faction Name: Congregation of Zetesis
Faction Race(s): Hookriss
Sector locations: Gamma Basin, Star Cluster 42
Relevant planets and bodies: Aros (Home Planet), Essos (First Major Colony, Main Naval Base)
Leader's name(s): High Priest Uvogin
Government type: Divine Mandate
Faction Traits: Natural Fighters, Resilient, Nomadic
Faction Faults: Taxing, Repugnent
Faction Ideals: Fanatic Spiritualist, Militarist
Faction History: The Congregation was founded by the Hookriss. The Congregation of Zetesis' ultimate goal is to spread the true faith of Zetesis to every reach of the galaxy. All who wish to follow Zetesis are more than welcome to work with or even join the great Theocracy. All they are required to do is spread the faith however they can.
Faction Culture: A faction of Holy Crusaders who will spread the true faith throughout the Galaxy.

Military Details

The Hookriss makeup the majority of the Congregation's armies. They use standard military strategies to achieve victory against their enemies.

The Gimnos are four legged creatures used heavily against Heathens who dare resist the will of Zetesis. They are furious and will hunt down anything their trainers target. They are also the main source for executing traitors, deserters, and anyone who preach of false gods within their holdings.

The God Zetesis himself slumbers underneath the High Temple and protects the Hookriss who are worthy to live near the High Temple. He is offered sacrifices to appease his hunger and keep him happy. If his slumber is ever interrupted, may he show mercy to the sinners who dare awaken him.
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