The Hookriss

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The Hookriss

Post by Sly Coopr on Sun Feb 19, 2017 9:49 pm

Home System: Zetesis' Throne
Homeworld: Aros
Location: Gamma Basin, Star Cluster 42
Physical Description: 6'1 is the average height of the Hookriss. They have a faded blue tint to their skin color and have a very bony structure. Their faces are flat and their eyes sit on either side of their face and are rather big. Most of the Hookriss are seen donning cloaks or capes while the High Priests all wear ceremonial jewelry.
Typical Traits: Natural Fighters, Resilient, Nomadic
Typical Faults: Taxing, Repugnent
Ideals: Fanatic Spiritualist, Militarist
Typical Lifespan: 127
Years Space-faring: 153

Brief History: The world of Aros has known many Gods and many wars in their names. The Hookriss have warred with themselves for many centuries to name the many Gods they worshiped to be the one true God. Decades before the Hookriss made it into space, the God Zetesis of the southern nations finally proved to be the only true God. Once Zetesis was declared the one true God, the Hookriss finally knew peace and prospered. The High Priests spoke Zetesis' word to the people, telling them to spread Zetesis' will wherever they could. When they finally entered space, they began to spread their religion to any world they reached. All who bow to Zetesis was allowed to thrive with the Hookriss. Those who resist his will are to be forced to their knees.

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