The Humans

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The Humans

Post by Scout on Sun Feb 19, 2017 9:19 pm

Home System: Sol 
Homeworld: Astrica
Location: Terran Systems, Star Cluster 101
Physical Description: Human males typically stand at 6'1 while females stand roughly at 5'9-5'10 feet tall. All humans obtain two arms, two legs, two eyes, one nose and a single mouth. While humans have the ability to grow hair on any part of their body, typically hair is found at the very top of their head. There are many things that cause variants between humans, typically in skin color, eye color, hair color, and their vocal range. All humans share a common language. 
Typical Traits: Strong, Intelligent, Communal
Typical Faults: Naive, Deviants
Ideals: Xenophobic, Fanatic Militarists
Typical Lifespan: 122 Years (Male), 148 years (Female)
Years Space-faring: 90

Brief History: Humans, individualistic by nature, now stand more united than ever. A long history of division brought many humans at odds with their fellow kind, however sudden discovery of a hostile alien race forced humanity into a partnership. This alien race, known as the Galakorians brought Humanity to it's knees, however it was species-wide cooperation that allowed them to have a breakthrough in the conflict, giving them a single window to turn the tide of the war. Humanity took the narrow road without hesitation, thus allowing them to push back the alien invaders. However, humans did not settle for a peace. They pursued the aliens to their own systems, crushing planet to planet in brutal orbital bombardment that killed millions. In the end, humanity led a massive assault on the capital planet after four months of orbital bombardment. This led to the complete extinction of the hostile race, as any left over were killed, even captives were executed by the thousands.

Technologically outclassed, humanity used it's adaptive nature and it's strength in numbers to bring the fight to the Galakorians who disregarded humanity as another spot in the galaxy to conquer. Underestimation plays to one of humanity's strengths, as typically they are seen as newer to the galactic stage however show as much vitality and lethality as any other race out there.

The core of humankind is known to be selfish towards themselves. While they are willing to work with other species, they will not allow themselves to be bullied nor will they allow themselves into any sort of deal that does not directly benefit them. Eager, smart, strong, and optimistic, humans push themselves further into the unknown reaches of space.

An image of a typical Human

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