The Usima

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The Usima

Post by Peppuh on Sun Feb 19, 2017 9:17 pm

Home System: Homafron
Homeworld: Uusimaa
Location: Fortuna Nebula, Star System 32
Physical Description: The Usima are a sexually dimorphic species with the males being shorter and stockier and the females being taller and leaner. The average male stands around 5'10 and posess the stength to take down something twice as large. The average female stands around 6'4 and is much slimmer, and in turn, weaker than their male counterparts. The Usima are a feline species.
Typical Traits: Intelligent, Charismatic
Typical Faults: Sedentary, Slow breeders
Ideals: Fanatic Pacifist, Fanatic Xenophiles (Ideals held by female leadership)
Typical Lifespan: The average female will live to 92 with Royalty living much longer. The average male will live to 25 with those in more peaceful roles living into their 80s
Years Space-faring: 150

Brief History: The Usima were once various prides led by a Matriarch, with most in a constant state of war. This was the Usima's way of life until "The Happening," an event that left most male Usima dead. The Syreen Pride led by Mar'ian Ur'Syreen would unite all the prides into one. The females would retain their scientific and leadership roles and the males would retain their combat roles. Under this new system, males would enjoy nominal independence to fight and wage war on Uusimaa as they pleased but if it got too out of hand, the Supreme Matriarch would intervene with her personal army. The Matriarchs were free to rule their prides with the Supreme Matriarch ruling over all, including the Ur'Syreen Pride, the largest pride of all. With the female leadership, their would be a peaceful coexistance with the rest of the galaxy and technological advancement matched by few.

An average Usima male in a ceremonial uniform

The average female Usima

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