The Tánglácorian Empire

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The Tánglácorian Empire

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Faction Name: The Tánglácorian Empire
Faction Race(s): The Tánglácor
Sector locations:
Relevant planets and bodies:

'Vel'Kier' - Homeworld of the Tánglácor's
== 'Ven'Ko' - Capital of 'Val'Kier'
== 'Van'Ka' - Massive Army-base on 'Val'Kier'
== 'Van'Kol' - Massive Naval-base on 'Val'Kier'
== 'Ven'kah' - Former capital of 'Val'Kier', abandoned after Reign of Dehka. Now Capital for Deserters
'Vel'Kotos' - First Colony of the Tánglácor's
== 'Ven'Tosh' - Capital of 'Val'Kotos'
== 'Van'Vosa' - Massive Army and Naval Base on 'Val'Kotos'
== 'Von'Elca' - Massive labor/execution camp on 'Val'Kotos'
'Val'Vanca' - Entire Army/Naval base for the Tánglácor's

Faction Traits: Natural Spacers, Resilient, Strong
Faction Faults: Naive, Repugnant
Faction Ideals: Expansionist, Collectivist, Xenophobes

Leader's name(s):

Emperor Iyano: Supreme Ruler of The Tánglácorian Empire
Emperor's son, Tonko: The next in line of The Tánglácorian Empire

Vol’Kek Tamto: Head Commander of the Army forces.
Vol'Kek Resha: Head Commander of the Naval Forces.

Elder Ro'Ron: The Head Elder of the Jin'Sonvo religion.

Population: 50.4 Billion

Government type: Empire

Faction history: The Tánglácorian Empire was first settled upon by Emperor Javluk. After his clan, Clan Em'Pieaar. Took over the majority of clans on the planet of 'Vel'Kier' in 1913. Controlling 85% of the worlds population at the time. Javluk had a predicament. If he died, without setting order within his new place, everything would be divided: and the entire country would go back to its clan warfaric days. So he ran a set of orders, dedicated to finding out who would try rebelling under his control. the former leaders of clans that he cut down, keeping them alive in cases of emergancy. Slaughtered and executed anyone related to that bloodline. Forcing everyone to bend their will to his Yan'zho; or else be cut by it. After about three years, and into 1916, he eventually bent everybody to his will. Nobody was going to go against his executioners razor. If anyone tried, he made sure they were either dead, or about to be. The first one to escape his razor was Onko. Onko, a former member of clan Em'Tritras. Onko attempted to fight back, but decided against it, leaving the colonized places, gathering up his strength's in an attempt to cause a coup against Emperor Javluk. This never took off, as he died shortly thereafter, due to non-recorded reasons.

Javluk, now that he knew fully that all of his adversaries were taken out, got to work on building his Empire. All under one race, no one to stop him. Save for the occasional rebellion to happen in the time period. For the next three years, he kept attempting to stabilize a form of 'peace' within the community. But he knew he had to set up more focuses, and to send away any more deserters. But before that time. He heard cries for religion by a majority of civilians during his walks through the capital of 'Ven'kah'. As he called upon his former elder of his clan, Dolton, to make everyone follow the religion   Ro’Ranchia. The religion, in brief explanation. Is a religion where death is honored for warriors. However, people opposed the religion, those who did were met with swift execution. Javluk, knew that this would be the start of something greater. So he made plans for the next emperor to pick in line. As he started gathering resources, for a place grander than their homeland, the stars. Soon before Javluk's death in 1919. He called to his chambers a man by the name of Vos'Kek Irada. His commander of the military at the time. He appointed him to be under as his own 'son'. To allow the empire to continue, Irada accepted and soon after Javluk's death in 1920. Irada took the throne for his own good. As he started a new page of the life in the Tánglácor society.

Emperor Irada's first order was getting naval weapons to become the next big thing. And in this case, he ordered the construction of the first naval weapons and ships. He called upon an inventor, Inventor Viridi. To create these new ship designs. Viridi accomplished the basic four, and the first few weapons. In times to come, other inventors would help out with creation of these new weapons. In only a matter of time, they had a sizable navy, and started to explore the new space around them. Staying within their star cluster to prevent loss of their empire's newly gained resources. He did notice a small issue within the nature of how the empire was set up under Javluk. Taking charge of what the Empire should form into, he forced all male children to enlist, not bothering if they were week or strong. As it was the turn of the Georgian calendar, and about to enter April. He gave all of the new children under his stipulation, people aged 6 to 12 to train for a grand fight during the month. The top 20'000 would become the new military, the rest will die. Despite protests from parents that were swiftly ended. The show went on. The next order of Irada to make the culture that is known today, was the creation of the Matriarchy system. All females, regardless of placement. If they were civilians, deserters, or what was a military. All of them were set into the Matriarchy system. Where they were forced to give birth at the age of eighteen. Said women would then give offspring birth, the females staying within the Matriarchy building, the men being sent off to a form of boarding school. Irada, however set this up for his own uses. Irada sent for his servants to pick him three of the Matriarchs, and they became his to mold. All of the female newborns were sent to the Matriarchy building, the male Tánglácor children were molded to be ready to become future leaders in there society. The 'eldest', Darka took these words literally. And became known as the 'Mad' Emperor.

After Irada's death in 1931, and creation of multiple useful tools. Darka was the sole survivor of the first batch of children Irada's matriarch's bore. The others were killed in the Month of Sparring. Either by him, or by other marine recruits. Darka was known as someone who... 'enjoyed' the deaths of his brothers and younger siblings during the months of sparring. Darka was soon called in hiding 'Darka the mad'. Darka brought wars to go against the Deserters, growing in sizable numbers, Onko's thoughts in each of their minds. Darka left space behind, most notably the colony Vel'Kotos. There were more rumors about Darka's Matriarchy, having five Matriarchs in his home, all at the same time, giving birth. However, when they were all first shown. The standard 25 from each woman were missing, twenty five were missing. It is highly suspected, and further in the future, confirmed that suspicion to be true that he killed his young and ate them. besides his war on the deserters and abandonment of the colony on Vel'Kotos. He was known as the Mad Emperor, and his successor faced a wave of troubles.

In 1944, Emperor Eishik took the throne at the human age of 13, the second youngest one at the time, behind his father. Within the midst of his opening ceremonies, he made it outlawed that anyone, and anything with any form of mental disabilities, save for a few small ones such as fear. Were to be executed, including his own children if they ever showed signs of it. Citing Darka's eating of children his servants told him, alongside his sado-mastic tendencies. Some of those Tánglácors have escaped, and became deserters. But the majority of them did not survive. Due to his fathers neglect of Vel'Kotos. It became its own independent colony. Eishik, with brute force. Began a war with the false emperor, known as Rokosh.  Rokosh, the false emperor was considered a leader by the colonists on Vel'Kotos. Eishik was considered evil to the colonists. Both sides of the people were evenly matched, it seemed like whoever was going to win the war was going to become the emperor of both sides of the war. Eishik did not want to lose, despite his youth he took a precedent that no other Emperor's did since Javluk, and fought in his own war against the Rokosh. Battles were strenuous and difficult, it was called a grand war between the same species, even bigger than the wars of their clan ages. Eishik fought through multiple battles, up until the final fight. The young Emperor, only at the age of eighteen cut down Rokosh, taking back Vel'Kotos for his own kind and species. Once Eishik came back to his palace in Ven'Kah, he noticed that the streets were lined with the stains that his father left. Of deserter movements. Eishik forced everybody to move to the second biggest city, with construction in tow for a new palace. In the current capital of Vel'Kier, Ven'Ko.

In 1976, Eishik was making his final speach in the plaza of Ven'ko, before living his final years in his bedroom. If not for an assassin who murdered Eishik, much less on a day of celebration for his birthday. Before the installation of Emperor Kirako, they found the killer, and promptly executed him in front of masses, to applause from the civilians. Eishik was honored, Fighting the first major war that the Tánglácors have faced in generations. The next one in line was Emperor Kirako, at the age of 20, and already a high ranking military officer. He did not rest, and started plans for preventing another incident that happened with Darka two generations before. Starting the creation of the first major Naval and Army bases on each of the planets. Van'Ka, Van'Kol, and Van'Vosa. There was also the start of creation, which would not be finished until Kirako's death. Is Von'Elca, for enslavement of themselves and others.

In 1993, the next emperor was put into power, Emperor Anyo. Emperor Anyo, at the age of 18 would go back to an explorationist ideal. thankfully with Eishik's and Kirako's help. Was able to focus on a new project in the years of his emperor. In 1996, they traveled to the planet known at the time as Vel'Vanca. Expecting nobody their and the creation of a new colony. Instead they found a new race and within that, made first contact with a species. A set of amphibious, frog-like people known as the Konan's. The Konan's were rather hostile towards The Tánglácorian Empire, and much to the chargin of Emperor Anyo, a war had to be fought. Anyo, at first wanted mercy for these new species, for slavery. So much so that he fought in battles. In 1997 however, his fate was sealed as the Dreadnought he was on was destroyed, its death killing him. His next one in line was not chosen, as he had not picked a Matriarch to mate with. instead, Commander Dolva of the fleet the Dreadnought was in, took control over the years of Anyo's death. Dolva, a former son of the emperor Kirako. Was the youngest for the job, his other ones died during the reapings, or in combat against the Konan. Dolva took no chances, and ordered the slaughtering of all of the Konan, no exceptions to its death. Eventually, in 2001, the Konan were eradicated from the world, no longer existing. In gratitude, Dolva took over Vel'Vanca, and changed its name to Val'Vanca. The planet was now used as a military outpost, and in the rest of the years, it still is with no mention of the Konan's existence save for some ruins on the planet.

In 2017, the death of Emperor Dolva happened. Unlike the previous emperor, Anyo, Dolva bore children. The leader of the emperor is now Emperor Divi. Divi, as an emperor. Did little, only barely helping and usng old technology the Konan's had, ordering the creation of translators for other races. And for them to use to communicate with them. They also heard word of empty threats from other civilizations, and so far none of them were true. And none of them were going to ever happen. To their knowledge.  In 2039, Divi passed away in his sleep. The next two emperor's, Delkhoh and Yokosh. The both of them did nothing but keep the 'peace' of The Tánglácors. The current emperor, starting in 2139 is Emperor Iyano. Who's words and actions up until the current year of 2142 remind people of the historical writings of what Emperor Javluk did. People thinking that Iyano will become the next Javluk, changing The Tánglácorian Empire for its own good. Javluk made it clear. It is their turn to become more than just an alien race in the Vulcan Frontier.

Faction culture: [ The Majority of this section is in the Google Doc about The Tánglácors. It is still being worked on however. If you wish to see what is done involving The Tánglácor's Culture. Please look at here. ]

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