The Tánglácors

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The Tánglácors

Post by Revival on Sun Feb 19, 2017 8:41 pm

Home System:Ares System
Homeworld: Val'Kier
Location: Vulcan Frontier, Star Cluster 20

Physical Description: The Tánglácors are a species that stand, on average, at about 3 foot tall. With a five piece of segmented body. Stemming from the Head, to the Thorax's, to the Abdomen. They carry themselves with Six 'legs'. Four main legs supporting the lower half, and two front 'legs'. The two front legs can either be used for movement purposes or used as a rudimentary way of using hands. Inside those said 'legs' are a set of Yan'Zho. A set of retractable blades inside its arm. Able to cut through most armor. Over the exoskeleton system, is a set of Chitin. The Chitin, has a form of armor ballistics inside it to resist attacks involving Melee and Projectile based weapons. This Chitin seems to have no effect on energy or beam based technology. The Tánglácors also have a set of wings, however this does not seem to be used, only as a assistance in combat. The last point of notice on The Tánglácors are its Antenne and Eyes. Their Antenne have small receptors inside them, allowing them to sense things. Their Eyes are able to see brief glimpses of who is friend and foe in harsh climates.

Typical Traits: Natural Fighters, Passionate Combatives, Strong
Typical Faults: Fleeting, Naive
Ideals: Xenophobes, Militarent, Expansionalist.

Typical Lifespan [Female]: 18
Typical Lifespan [Male]: 30-40

Years Space-faring [Within Star Cluster]: 223
Years Space-Faring [Outside of Cluster] : 109

Brief History: [Working on it at a later point.]

[Posting image later. This is the Google Doc that has everything about The Tánglácors. ]

A standard picture of The Tánglácorian Species

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