Friendly fire in the Perseus Veil?

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Friendly fire in the Perseus Veil?

Post by Lapis on Sat Feb 18, 2017 3:24 pm

Good evening, I'm Michael Howards from ANN reporting. Overnight an attack has ocurred in the Perseus Veil. Geth forces who openly separated from the Veil have attacked a Quarian trade convoy returning from Citadel space. All survivors were either rounded up onto the single Geth Cruiser, or destroyed by the fighters. We have reached out to the Consensus for comment;

"<:: This is a trying time for our people and the Creators. We are attempting to rebuild in the wake of the Old Machines, yet more heretics surface that seek to divide us."
Admiral Han'Gerrel of the Quarian people had this to say, as well:
"We will not be destroyed by some Geth that 'think' they can get away with what they want! They will be destroyed, we refuse to let this continue."

A single image was obtained by ANN from the attack; it shows Geth forces mercilessly destroying the unarmed Quarian vessels. What does this mean for the future of the Veil? More on tomorrow's special edition of "Battlespace."

Geth fighters attacking the civilian trade vessels

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