List of Traits and Faults + Ideals

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List of Traits and Faults + Ideals

Post by Scout on Sat Feb 18, 2017 11:55 am

Every race should have a few traits and faults. Depending on your number of traits, you will need a different number of faults.

1 Trait requires 0 Faults
2 Traits requires 1 Faults
3 Traits requires 2 Faults
(Maximum of 3 Traits)

If a trait has a *, that means that that trait takes up two slots.
We have a list of pre-made Traits and Faults for you to choose from, if you wish for a unique trait or fault, it must be approved by the staff team.


  • Adaptive [Known to adapt well to foreign environments.] (+15% habitability on all planets)
  • Agrarian [Known to be excellent farmers and producers of food.] (Produces +10% more food)
  • Charismatic [Known to be charismatic, displaying the ability to use words to achieve their goals.] (Boosts political ability with NPC factions by 20%)
  • Communal [Known to enjoy community and living in close proximity of one another] (+10% population growth)
  • Conformists [Known to easily conform to government changes and conditions] (-15% chance of rebellion)
  • Enduring [Known to live a long life.] (Grants ability to live up to 250 years)
  • *Extremely Adaptive [Known to adapt remarkably well to all environments] (+35% habitability on all planets)
  • Industrious [Known to enjoy the advancement of technology at a quick pace] (+10% research and development speed)
  • Intelligent [Known to be naturally smart] (+15 research speed)
  • Natural Spacers [Known to command fleets with ease and expertise] (+10% to movement speed)
  • Natural Fighters [Known to be strong and capable fighters] (+15% faster army and navy experience gain)
  • Passionate Combative [Known to fight with all their might when they are endangered] (+20% combat effectiveness if fighting for their own regions of space)
  • Nomadic [Known to be able to move with little trouble] (+45 colonial set up speed)
  • Resilient [Known to be tough in combat and in passive] (+50% army health when defending and plantery fortification)
  • Strong [Known to be naturally stronger than most] (+20% army damage, +20% army health)
  • *Very Strong [Known to be much more naturally stronger than most] (+35% army damage, +45% army health)
  • Thrifty [Known to work well with money] (+20% more credits gained)
  • *Venerable [Known to live outstandingly long lives, commanding respect to their very livelihood] (Unlocks ability to live up to 600 years) 


  • Decadent [Known to require many materialistic things to be contempt, most notably slaves] (-45% happiness if not indulged, participating in slavery)
  • Non Adaptive [Known to not adapt well to foreign environments] (-20% habitability of all planets)
  • Repugnant [Known to be naturally disgusting to many other races] (-30% political ability with NPC powers, may affect player decision)
  • Deviants [Known to be naturally rebellious] (+15% chance of rebellion)
  • Fleeting [Known to live short lives] (Typical life span is locked at 60 years old)
  • Sedentary [Known to have a deep past and connection to where they live, they often find it hard to move away] (+30% colonial set up speed+cost)
  • Slow Breeders [Known to reproduce slowly] (-15% population growth)
  • Slow Learners [Known to be slow to gain new knowledge] (-10% research speed)
  • Solitary [Known to enjoy exclusivity, easily become agitated in larger crowds] (-5% overall happiness)
  • Weak [Known to be physically weaker than most, may require a solution to this in combat] (-30% army damage, health)
  • Taxing [Known to require much nutrients to survive] (+10% food requirement, colonial cost)
  • Naive [Newer to the galactic stage, this race could stumble at times politically] (-10% political ability)

Ideals are core ideas that your species typically believe in or your faction lives by. Ideals define the goals and objectives of your people, and will often outline their core beliefs. Typically, these ideals will have a huge part in favored actions and reactions to situations. You can have up to three ideals, however a fanatic ideal takes up two spots.

Moderate Ideals

  • Collectivist [Understands the greater need of the collective, and will not hesitate to put others under them] (+100% slavery acceptance, -5% food consumption)
  • Individualist [Understands what it means to be an individual, often seek their own goals] (-30% slavery acceptance, +45% happiness)
  • Xenophobe [Untrusting/Hatred of other species] (+50% alien slavery acceptance)
  • Xenophile [Trusting of other species] (-100% alien slavery acceptance)
  • Militarist [Believes that war is a must for a species to advance and prove themselves in this galaxy] (+10% damage across army+navy, 10% war time happiness)
  • Pacifist  [Believes that peace is required to balance the galaxy, finds the concept of war ridiculous] (+20% diplomatic ability, +50 peacetime happiness)
  • Materialist [Finds materialistic belongings to be the most important thing in life] (+200% happiness when indulged in wealth, -300% happiness when not)
  • Spiritualist [Finds a spiritual lifestyle above all things in life] (+50% happiness, -50 happiness in war time)
  • Expansionist [Believes that the galaxy is theirs to conquer] (+10% damage across army and navy, +100% war time happiness and support, -50% colonial set up time and cost)
  • Isolationist [Believes that they must stay focused on themselves, not others] (+15% damage when defending, +75% colonial set up time and cost)

Fanatic Ideals

  • Fanatic Collectivist [The collective need is above everything else. No exceptions.] (+300% slavery acceptance, -20% food consumption, +40% army/navy volunteers)
  • Fanatic Individualist [There is nothing more important than the individual. Do anything you must to survive.] (-300% slavery acceptance, +35% population growth + migration, +75% happiness)
  • Fanatic Xenophobe [The only thing pure in this galaxy is our own kind. All others are not to be trusted, or are to be destroyed.] (+200% alien slavery acceptance, +20% army/fleet damage when engaging aliens)
  • Fanatic Xenophile [Space is a place of exploration, we must work with our neighbors or we will die in these vast stars!] (-200% alien slavery acceptance, +50% political ability when speaking to aliens)
  • Fanatic Militarist [Without the ability to wage and win wars, we are nothing.] (+25% damage across army+navy, 50% war time happiness)
  • Fanatic Pacifist  [Waging war is the guaranteed destruction of our own kind.] (+60% diplomatic ability, +200 peacetime happiness)
  • Fanatic Materialist [Gaining riches is worth any deed.] (+300% happiness when indulged in wealth, -300% happiness when not, -40% cost and building of extravagant buildings, ships, and colonies)
  • Fanatic Spiritualist [Our technology has proved that our consciousnesses negates reality. We will not indulge ourselves in the child like behaviors of others.] (+150% happiness, -50 happiness in war time)
  • Fanatic Expansionist [The galaxy is ours to control. Everybody, every mind, every thought, and every thing in the galaxy belongs to us] (+25% damage across army and navy, +100% war time happiness and support, -150% colonial set up time and cost, -100% political ability)
  • Fanatic Isolationist [We will remain to our own devices, for eternity.] (+50% damage when defending, +120% colonial set up time and cost)

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