Rachel Elizabeth found not guilty in Alliance court.

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Rachel Elizabeth found not guilty in Alliance court.

Post by Kravis on Mon Feb 13, 2017 9:41 am

"This morning the Systems Alliance held a court hearing for a Corporal Rachel Elizabeth who was charged with releasing classified, sensitive information through a email to a Travis Kelce, Governor Kelce has since denied having relations with Rachel Elizabeth, assuring the public that Elizabeth was a acquaintance was not a close friend of his. The information in the email had to deal with classified information regarding the Citadel Council and was considered highly sensitive. The Council denies the contents of the email. saying the information inside the email was forged and was most likely used as a scare tactic against The Council and Governor Kelce. However, with these claims, Rachel Elizabeth was still found not guilty with the help of her lawyer Thomas Earlson. Earlson was a renown attorney most likely known from cases dealing with Phazon Corporate Office claims of corruption and several incidents regarding company documents being released illegally from other companies such as The Sirta Foundation, Armax Arsenal, and H&K."

"Since then, Rachel Elizabeth was not able to be reached for comments."

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