Two Species, Two Friends

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Two Species, Two Friends

Post by Peppuh on Sun Feb 12, 2017 11:48 am

Despite being postponed due to Travis' absense, the First Contact War Memorial Ceremony proved to be both a success and another ever-lasting bond between Humanity and the Turians. Travis Kelce appeared before the crowd and began to speak,

"33 years ago, the strong and well established Turian Hierarchy noticed that some idiots were trying to activate Relay 314. They responded to this within Citadel regulations and the ensuing war left thousands dead. I asked y'all here today so that we may remember those lost on both sides. I feel that most of humanity does not know about the Turian side and I feel that most Turians do not know about Humanity's side. That is why I speak to everyone here today, not just humans, on behalf of the Turians. The Turians are a strong people with an equally strong culture built on war and honor. You cannot blame their culture for it is blaming their entire race. What you can blame is the lack of communication. The Turians did not try to hail us when they opened fire and for humanity, it is pretty hard to talk to the enemy when you are defending yourself. We can put all of this behind us and engage in a mutual respect of the dead, honor both sides for what they fought for. If I can change, I am sure that even the most stubborn of Batarians can change as well. Turians and Humanity are destined to work together now and forever!"

*Travis Kelce raises his fist in the air in a rock on gesture before continuing.*

"I have kept this a secret and I believe you will enjoy it. The secret that I have is that a good friend of mine is here today. I would like this oppotunity to introduce to you, Genos Primus!"

*Primus enters the stage, looks to Travis and speaks*

"What I am looking at today is a changed man. I am sure that if you had the pleasure, or displeasure, of knowing the old Travis, you would not believe your eyes. Travis Kelce is a prime example of what Humanity truly is. He is an example of thriving rather than merely surviving. The man is a trillionaire because of ice cream yet he still chooses to serve the public. This is the kind of attitude that humanity had during the First Contact War and before. Humanity had discovered the Mass Relays and began their rapid expansion across the galaxy. They were attempting to activate a newly discovered mass relay when an unknown alien force opened fire. They were quick to mobilize their forces and we did not see it coming. When we took Shanxi, we thought we defeated the bulk of Humanity's forces. Look at how wrong we were about that. Some would say that humanity does not like to fight, this simply is not true. Humanity loves to fight. All Humans love the sting and clash of battle just as we Turians do. Had both sides escalated, we would have seen a war on the scale not seen since the Krogan Rebellions. Travis and I are both veterans of the First Contact War, 33 years ago, it is quite possible that Travis and I tried to kill each other. Today, that is a different story, a much better story. A story in which Humanity and Turians are the greatest allies because once you get past physical apperance, you find the same warrior spirit within."

After these two heartfelt speeches were made, there would be a moment of silence for those lost, followed by speeches and remarks from minor veterans. At the lunch that followed, Travis Kelce revealed a "living memorial for an old friend."

You can buy Juan Leetsi's Mustard (Owned by Kelce's Kool Korporation) at any store within Council and Human space.

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