Situational Analysis: Galactic Panic Levels

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Situational Analysis: Galactic Panic Levels

Post by Lapis on Sun Feb 12, 2017 2:03 am

Clearance Locked, Credentials Required

::>Authing Credentials

::Clearance Recognized, Access Granted::

This live feed of galactic panic levels will fluctuate over time due to passing events or the actions of the 2nd MSRC. All regions will be kept updated to the best of the Alliance’s Intelligence.

Inner Council Space: 66%
Outer Council Space: 66%
Earth Alliance Space: 49%
Attican Traverse: 58%
Terminus Systems: 58%

Base Panic Level: 45

Attican Rebellion- 16(H)
Abraham Events- 10(All)
Reveal of Nagalorians- 10(all)
Innusanon Sightings- 10(all)
Leaks- 10(all)
Political Tension*- 5(all)
Raloi Civil War- 5(ICS, OCS)
Asari Drift- 5(ICS, OCS)
Salarian Plague- 4(ICS, OCS)
Krogan Rebellions- 5(ICS, OCS)
Turian Hierarchy failures- 4(ICS, OCS)
Innusanon Following Geth- 10(ICS, OCS, AT, TM)
Rampant Piracy- 15(AT, TM)

Mindoir= -3 (all)
Galakor II= -2 (all)
Helyme= -2 (all)
Travis’ Apology= -5 (human)
The Rannoch Gambit= -5 (all minus T and AT)

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