Intelligence Brief: Innusannon

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Intelligence Brief: Innusannon

Post by Mister Vasili on Fri Feb 10, 2017 12:59 pm

Clearance Locked, Credentials Required

::>Authing Credentials

::Clearance Recognized, Access Granted::

Basic Information
Object of report: Innusannon technology, capabilities and activities.
Clearance Granted: All personnel in 2nd Marine Special Reconnaissance Company, crew of SSV Constantinople
Priority level: High
Standard Procedure: If the Innusannon's presence is made at any time or location, all marines and crew switch to Redcon 1 ASAP

Enemy Analysis
Intent: Enemy forces intend to conquer the galaxy. To accomplish this goal, they have so far abducted population from small colonies and altered them cybernetically and/or genetically effectively converting the populace to the Innusanon race. Creeds and philosophy are also converted by unknown means, there has been no contact with any converted personnel yet the possibility of such a thing is very likely.

Capabilities: Enemy is capable of short range teleportation for conventional infantry, one individual is confirmed being able to transport between space from ship to ship through biotic application. Private Muldoon theorizes that such technology is 'interdimensional'. Weapons, Shielding and armor capabilities for both spacecraft and ground units are unknown. Enemy possesses the capability to pull ships out of FTL, they may also be able to travel effectively through space without the use of Mass Relays.

Public Reaction
Information: Knowledge of the Innusannon was first presented through obscure websites such as Extraleaks and posters were discredited as conspiracy theorists. Knowledge of the enemy presence was made known when Rachel Elizabeth E-mailed Travis Kelce information of a sensitive matter, said Email was soon leaked. Travis Kelce made an apology and denied all credibility to the claims. Public reaction is unknown for certain but estimates have been made in an arbitrary 'panic tracker.'
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