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RE: An apology.

Post by Peppuh on Wed Feb 08, 2017 3:34 pm

Subject: Re: An apology.

Navelon, let me start by saying that you do not need to apologize for the sins of your father. We also did not start off on the wrong foot because we did not start at all! There is one thing you should know about your father, Navelon. The man, as crazy as he was, changed my life. I am sure that you have heard stuff about me from the various alien marines that have been there before, it's all true. All of it. I hated aliens with every fiber of my being, I went out of my way to do stuff, just to spite aliens! You father, Navelon, your father made me realize how precious life really is. One second there's a room full of alive Quarians, the next second they're all dead. I have a new fix on life, Navelon. It's all because of your dad.

PS Buy yourself an ice cream, kid.

- Travis Kelce

*There is a coupon for a free dextro ice cream at any Kelce's Kool Kreameries location*

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