Convict Escapes Captivity!

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Convict Escapes Captivity!

Post by Scout on Tue Feb 07, 2017 5:03 am

"We have some breaking news coming out of the Maroon Sea. The Gamato, the Alliance space prison that revolves around the Caspian Star, recently just had a convict escape. The station, thought unbreakable, was broken out of yesterday afternoon. It still isn't clear how this happened, but only one man escaped from the station, Star Raider. Reports show that systems had gone offline around noon, and this is where Star Raider took his chances and broke from his cell. 

Reports show that Star Raider carved a path to a docked visiting ship and used it to escape. He managed to bypass or engage security successfully, both organic and mechs. While the mechs were utterly destroyed, the Gamato reports twenty one wounded, no one was killed by Star Raider.

First hand eye-witness reports that Star Raider used tunnels and vents within the station to move about, and ambushed individuals out of them, utilizing a strong baton to knock his opponents out.

Star Raider single-handily managed to overdrive the systems of the station, forcing maintenance works, crew, and security to divert their efforts elsewhere, allowing him a chance to escape.

And escape he did.

Star Raider is now on the loose again, and the Alliance has placed a 100,000,000 credit bounty on him, regardless of his status.

"Star Raider is a danger to us all." says Detention Officer Kenneth Bay. "I have no idea what that kid is doing -- but nobody should be that damn good at it at his age. We need to capture him, there is no alternative. We cannot allow this to happen again."

This is Trevor Jahns reporting for ANN News Daily."

(Star Raider caught on a mech's camera before his escape from the Gamato. He poses with finger guns and with his baton. This mech was shortly destroyed after.)

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