Leaked ICTAAR of Spectre Greene and Audio Tape of Interrogation

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Leaked ICTAAR of Spectre Greene and Audio Tape of Interrogation

Post by Scout on Mon Jan 23, 2017 2:15 pm

Loading Interplanetary Combative Training Live Exercise Field Report

>Selected ICTAAR #087

SUBJECT: After Action Report

1. This after action report is prepared by Captain Alexander Marcus

2. The following is information regarding the contingency itself:

Deployed Location: Planet of Logasiri, Omega Nebula Star Cluster, Star of Batalla

Deployed COs: ICT Adande Greene

Deployed NCOs: N/A

Deployed Operatives: ICT Troy Alexander, ICT Xander Rodriguez, ICT Connie Benavidez, ICT Faith Hamilton, ICT Christopher Fisher

Duration of Site Survey: None

Duration of Deployment: One month

Contingency Purpose: Destruction/hinderance of the Blood Ravagers Pirates

3. Potential Sources of Supply: 4 covert N7 supply drops

4. Objectives Completed: Destruction of 6x frigate classes, 2x cruiser classes, destruction of the gang planetside.

5. DB Count

Allied Infantry lost: 5

Hostile Infantry destroyed: 272

Allied Equipment lost: 1 UT-47 Kodiak

Hostile Equipment lost: All

6. Company Status

Equipment: Low

Ammo: Low

Food: Low

Water: Low

Morale: Unknown

Closing AAR #087
Loading Audio Logs
Recorded Log Opened
>Selected Entry #044

A shuffle can be heard as the audio entry clicks on. A seat is drawn back, grinding it's way across a metallic floor. What sounds like a small object such as a cup is placed down as shackles can be heard rattling against the table. An unknown voice speaks, lowly and almost of disgust or disappointment. His words stretched and emphasized.

“We need to talk, Greene.” There is a few moments of silence before the voice speaks again. 

“Look, Greene, I understand that Logasiri didn't go even remotely close to how it was suppose to, but this whole silent shit isn't going to work. You hear me?”

Once again the audio plays silence before a loud scuffle of metal across a floor, a bang is heard as the voice yells. 

“Speak when spoken to, Greene!”

There is a moment of silence before a new voice. It is familiar yet this variant of it new, it displays failure yet conveys vice. 

“What the hell is there to talk about, Lieutenant?” Greene says with a near growl. A seat can be heard being readjusted as a distant latch can be heard unlocking , a door opening as footsteps pursue , moving in towards the source of the audio as they come to a rest. 

The voice speaks again. “We barely know what happened on that planet, Greene. You need to tell us.” 

A new voice responds. “Lieutenant Alexander, can you handle this?” there is no direct response to the question, but a few moments later the newly identified voice speaks once more. 

“You need to tell us what happened Greene, from the LZ to the extract.” Alexander says, seeming to lose patience.

There is yet again a few awkward moments of silence. 

“... We landed at O-three hundred hours in the Kerva’Sha region. We stayed together, moved together. Humans stick out in a batarian majority world in the Omega region. Our first objective was to stay low , find a place to use as an FOB so we could .. setup communications and start to get to move on our supply caches--”

Chains can be heard clanking against a metallic surface , they're heard almost slamming against the same surface, almost out of anger.

“Why the hell am I in chains?!” Greene nearly yells, sounding completely distressed 

“You're in chains because you have yet to explain what the fuck happened on that planet, Greene!” Alexander exclaims. “This deployment was suppose to be a week long, you were on the planet for over a month!”

“And then?”
“We'll see.” Alexander hesitantly says. Greene can be heard exhaling as he continues to speak. 

“We -- there was no good place for a FOB, no trees to conceal or any other natural structures. We came to a team decision to investigate a large , seemingly empty warehouse that looked to be abandoned.. we cleared it, empty already. In the cover of the night we began to set up our defenses -- then we heard something…” 

Greene seems to trail off as a quiet shuffle can be heard. An omnitool can be heard being configured as he picks himself up. 

“Hamilton was picking up her weapon as a Krogan smashed through the wall, she turned and -- claymore right to her chest. Her armor didn't stand a chance -- it was an ambush. Batarians flooded into the building we we fought our way out. Rodriguez and Alexander didn't -- I started to pull Alexander as he couldn't walk but this fucking Vorcha jumped on top of him. I -- couldn't save him. The only ones who got out were me, Fisher, and m-- and Connie. We uhh.. God - we just kept moving. They were chasing us.”

“Which direction did you go?”

“North.” Greene quickly replies. 

“How many were there?”

“At least a hundred, maybe more.”

“How many did you kill?”

“Not enough.”  Chains quietly clatter against each other, suggesting movement as if an urge came about.

“At the time.” Alexander says quickly. “What happened after that?”

“We had been moving for about an hour. Only six since we landed. Fisher was wounded, we had to stop. We stopped in a ditch, almost deep enough to be a trench. The sands blew over us in the rocky terrain , we were in the wilderness at that point. I thought no one could find us.”

“But they did?”

“They did.”

“Is there where Fisher was KIA?”

“Yes, but he wasn't really killed in action. They murdered a wounded man who couldn't defend himself.”

There is a few moments of complete silence. The audio begins to pick up itself, white noise growing louder and louder until Alexander cuts it with his voice

“Go on.”

“They came over a hill, about a hundred meters, firing as soon as they even thought they saw us. A round hit him in the thigh, he pushed Connie off of him and insisted we leave . We stayed there until he passed out from blood loss, only a rock and a small ditch covering us. We had to leave him. The sun was setting, and it was just me and Connie.”

“We have reports that you and Connie were close.” Alexander says, seeming to shift some papers.

“I'm close with all my fellow marines and friends.”

“More than your average marine.”

“What does that matter?” 

“It may have affected your ac--” 

“She and my whole fucking team is gone! What the hell does it matter?” Chains can be heard rattling violently as Greene speaks angrily.

“It could have, Greene. Did it ?”

“No, it did not.”

The other voice speaks, still unnamed. “Go on, Greene. It's alright.”

After a few moments , Greene continues, chains rattle as he speaks, suggesting he is gesturing.

“We couldn't find the supply cache . Well, we went to its location but those fucking pirates got to it first. They had all our gear. It was just me and Connie , and it was only three of them. They had captured our weapon cache. Two batarians and a vorcha. Easy. We popped those motherfuckers from 200 meters out. We got our weapons and ammo, and I remember seeing that the vorcha, still fucking alive. I grabbed it by the back of the head and slammed his face into  a rock. I slammed it again, and again, and again and again and again -- Connie had to stop me. She pulled me off of the vorcha which at that point was less of a vorcha and more of a melting pile of fucking whatever the hell they are. Is that why I'm chained up, huh?”


“Yeah. Connie wouldn't make -- she -- we found a place to stay for the night . I somehow found a way to sleep. Me and her had to sleep close. The trench we found was only so big. I slept for maybe an hour or two. We awoke to another attack, they ripped Connie from the trench and I grabbed her, I was hit across the face and shot in my arm before I was able to pull my predator , it was too late. They tore her to pieces with knives and raw, cruel weapons. I fucking killed them all. I killed all of them.”

“Why didn't you evac at that point?”

“Because I was either going to die alone or have my vengeance.”

“Greene, you cannot, cannot do that type of thing!”

“I had to.”

“Who the hell do you think you are?”

“I'm Adande Greene, and I wasn't going to leave that planet until my objective was complete.”

“Your objective was to disable , to hinder -- not--”

“I did a job no one else could, Lieutenant.”

“A job that wasn't suppose to be done!”

“It had to be!”

Silent falls onto the room.

“Greene, how did you survive three more weeks with no supply line to food, water -- anything?”

A long moment of silent occurs, audio beginning to pick itself up again as the white noise becomes louder and louder, at one point almost unbearable as the voice speaks again, cutting it down.


“The sixth day of the deployment was the first day I had ran out of food and water. I went into hiding myself this entire time. I found an old snack behind an occupied home in the countryside. I think a family lived in there but I lived in the shack. I stayed in the shack and I kept playing over all the data I could gather. Uniforms, tactics, directions hostile forces came from, all that. I was.. hungry and thirsty . On the 8th day, I broke into the home. I killed the father without hesitation when he asked me what I was doing. I killed the mother , the children . I --” a slam can be heard here as chains rattle intensely. “Fuck!” He yells out. 1st Lieutenant Alexander and the unknown voice offer no response, instead, they allow him to continue.

“I killed everyone in the house. Five of them. I took all their food, water, anything and everything I used for the next three weeks. I stayed there, I already had the coordinates to their base and the layout to a dead pirate I picked up. I planned endlessly , seeming to sleep only when I collapsed from exhaustion. I -- I don't remember much of what I did in the house but I remember the plan-- the plan perfectly.” Chains move about softly as he seems to remember his madly crafted plan.

“Aircar, aircar again, seal the doors, cover the entrance, gas, seal the vents, wait, destroy.. Aircar, aircar again, seal the doors, cover the entrance, gas, seal the vents, wait, destroy.”

“What does that mean, Greene?” The 1st Lieutenant asks.

“I had -- two air cars. I knew the entrance and what times the pirates would return to their beds, I -- took the air cars to an overwatch position. When there was about -- twenty of them, I sent the aircar at them at top speeds. It has to kill all of them-- it had to kill anyone outside . When they came out side to investigate, I sent the second one, I overcharged the mass relays on the car and sent it at light speeds . The base was built into a mountain, and the entire front was tore off, but most of the base was still intact . That's why I snuck into - snuck into it the day before, getting the configs to the door and vents. I made -- I made a hell of a lot of hydrogen cyanide -- I had it ready to release and that's what I fucking did. I released it into the base, sealed all the doors I could and I sealed every vent. I waited for two hours and then I went in. I killed everyone who was left. Two hundred and forty five, dead.”

Chains rattle restlessly. The unknown voice seems to begin to speak but is cut off by the 1st Lieutenant. 

“Greene, what have you done?”

There is a final moment of silence. Chains rattle like leaves in the wind. A chair can be heard adjusting , sliding back against the metal as if Greene was leaning in to say a final statement. 

“I have done my job.” 

The audio cuts abruptly.

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