Travis Kelce released from custody!

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Travis Kelce released from custody!

Post by Peppuh on Tue Jan 17, 2017 10:18 pm

"In a move that none of us here at ANN saw coming, Travis Kelce was released from custody early this morning. [Travis] Kelce was implicated in the Quarian Embassy Hostage Crisis that left more than thirty Quarians dead. He was accused of masterminding the attack and carrying out said attack. The Alliance reports that additional footage had been recovered revealing a heated argument between Kelce and the Quarian Ambassador which led to the Quarian Ambassador inviting the real perpatrator into his office. The unidentified Turian held Kelce at gunpoint until the 2nd MSRC arrived to handle the situation. Sources indicate that Commander Greene had successfully negotiated the release of the hostages but the unidentified Turian went back on his word, unleashing the auto-defense turrets on the hostages."

"We have our hands on said footage and what we are about to show you is quite disturbing, viewer discretion is advised." *Footage begins rolling, you see the 2nd MSRC enter the building before it cuts to the hostages being executed. The 2nd MSRC clears the room and converges on the Ambassador's office.* "The process at which the data was recovered cost us audio quality, there are some parts where there is no sound at all." *The 2nd MSRC enters the room and you see silent yelling between the Turian and the Commander. This continues on for some time before there is a sudden break in the silence.* "Don't move!" *Victoria Greene shouts to the Quarian Ambassador as he is inching away from the Turian. This causes the Turian to shoot the Ambassador. The silence resumes and continues through the rest of the video. We see the Commander edging his way towards the Turian to which he shoots the Turian in the right hand. Kelce can be seen dropping to the ground before the rest of the 2nd MSRC opens up on the Turian.* "After the alttercation, we see Kelce and the Ambassador both detained by the 2nd MSRC. Victoria Greene and Kelce can be seen yelling in silence.* "That's the raw, unaltered footage. It's completely surreal." "We have also managed to secure a statement from Travis Kelce upon his release."

"Why do I think happened? I believe I was sold out by the Quarian Ambassador for my previous assertions about my brother and the Quarians. My words were strong but perhaps they may have been too strong. My time in that cell really allowed me to clear my mind, determine who I really am and what I want my legacy to be. I will be launching a humanitarian mission to Rannoch, should the Quarians allow me. This could be the first step in repairing our already fragile relations and it wouldn't be the first time a Kelce has built a bridge to the Quarians!"

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