Tensions Continue to Rise in Attrican Traverse

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Tensions Continue to Rise in Attrican Traverse

Post by Scout on Tue Jan 17, 2017 9:31 am

“Good afternoon, I am ANN Reporter Trey Benavidez and we have a string of new stories to bring you. ‘Will the Traverse  stay’? ANN takes an important look at the relations between the attrican colonies and the home Alliance space. ‘17 dead in air car crashed caused by a prank?’ We'll be bringing you coverage of the tragic event that killed 17, the defendant in the case pleading not guilty."

*The camera cuts to a courtroom, the defendant, a skinny white male with a bowl cut and large lips speaking.*
“Your honor , it was just a prank, my man.” 

*The camera shot returns to Trey*

And all those coming up tonight for you, but first we bring you the Attrican colonies.

*The camera cuts to various shots to colonies in the Attrican Traverse while a new speaker talks. It's a familiar and popular ANN Reporter with a deep yet relaxing voice, it is ANN Reporter Jaeger Groot, he continues to speak*

“The Attrican Colonies have been out of direct Alliance control for six years now. In a recovery effort, the Alliance assigned those colonies to the “Attrican Sector” under Governor Ben Herald. Herald, a 27 year Admiral of the Alliance and decorated war hero , displayed great potential leading the sector.

However, for the past four years there has been a continual drift from the Alliance. The colonies are now feeling more and more independent, and that's becoming clear. Since the 2188 Skirmish of Vagen IV, where a group of colonial militia overthrew stationed Alliance Troops to create their own militia. The ambush turned skirmish ended up taking the lives of 4 militiamen and nine Alliance troops , and a fall back of the small garrison.

As of late, reports that calls of freedom and cedeeding have seem to increase up to 131%, the reason behind this ANN is unsure , but we have unofficial reports that we will release once the sources are certified.

What is for sure is that recently, supporters of a free Attrican Traverse have seemed more armed than ever . There has been no official “seceding army” that has been seen moving about, but Alliance garrisons are prepared. I spoke to a GyC Tommy Lee.”

*The camera cuts to a microphone to the face of an Asian Alliance soldier. He is not looking directly to the ANN reporter at first.*

“Gunnery, you've been stationed here for two years now, what do you think of the current situation?” The reporter asks. Lee turns to the reporter as he talks.

“Well, this **** has been pretty ******* slow for a while now. When I first got here was that skirmish , if I would've been there, the outcome would've been different. Either way, this is an Alliance colony at the end of the day. Doesn't matter if they want to cry about it. ******* *** **** ******* *****.”

The camera looks to the reporter for a moment. 

“Uhh, yeah. You were a Reaper War combative , correct? How does that compare to current assignment?”

*The Gunnery looks to the reporter, narrowing his eyes as he pulls a cigarette, lighting it and puffing it, not responding to the question. The camera cuts back to Trey looking the wrong way before it quickly shifts back to Groot*

“That was all the information we could get for now, but remember , stay tuned to ANN for more upcoming updates.”

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