Congralations, Rachel Elizabeth!

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Congralations, Rachel Elizabeth!

Post by Scout on Fri Jan 13, 2017 2:34 pm

Dear Rachel Elizabeth,

I’d like to start this letter off by telling you congratulations. You might be wondering - “what did I do? What did I gain?” but let me tell you that your sweet little heart doesn’t have to ponder anymore, because I will tell you. You won my attention! That’s a big thing you know, a lot of people want me - but as of right now, you have me! Isn’t that fantastic? You know what’d be nice? A little thank you. Ever tried that, Elizabeth? How about a “Thank you for giving me your attention.”

Whatever, I don’t expect it from you. That’s why I went to go ask Captain Steele about you. Figured he would know a lot about you. But you see - when I break into your home with unrelenting force and you point a gun at me?! That’s a big no no. Then, on top of that, I saw all of that Alliance bullshit hanging up in his home. Stupid fucking medals and certificates of slavery. That -- that fucking pissed me off. So, I stabbed him ninety times across his body and then ten times in the dick to make sure he understood that I really, really disagree with his ideas. And then I had my boys do whatever the hell they wanted with that little daughter of his and that smoking hot wife of his.

And that, that was truly disgusting. I mean, even by my standards, even I treat ladies a little better than those boys do. But - they deserved it. Truly.

So in conclusion, congratulations once more. I hope to be seeing more of you!



P.S I’m happy to see your boyfriend return to you. I wonder where little Emma is? I’m sure that whatever random orphanage he dumped her at will protect her from any bad guys! Just kidding! I’m going to fucking find her and you can’t do shit to stop me!"


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