Retired Captain Steele of the SSV Vanguard found murdered.

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Retired Captain Steele of the SSV Vanguard found murdered.

Post by Scout on Fri Jan 13, 2017 2:13 pm

"Good evening. I'm ANN Reporter Michael Howards and I'm here tonight to bring you some saddening news. Retired Alliance Navy Captain Steele of the SSV Vanguard, one of the hailed ships that fought in the First Battle of the Citadel and had successful engagements through the Reaper War, was found murdered in his apartment on Earth in the city of Houston. His wife and daughter was found with him, mutilated.

Their corpses were stripped of their clothing, and they were posed in horrific ways that we -- can not even describe here on ANN. Captain Steele's body had a word carved into the chest with a knife, his chest saying "Rachel" across it.

Currently, police forces have locked the entire apartment block down while an investigation is underway. The assailant or assailants are nowhere to be found and currently, the case seems cold. ANN will do it's best to keep you updated on this developing story."

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