C-Sec secures the apartment of Spectre Greene

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C-Sec secures the apartment of Spectre Greene

Post by Scout on Fri Jan 13, 2017 12:16 pm

"Good morning and welcome back to Citadel News, today we'd like to start with the story of Spectre Greene's apartment. An "Extraleak" post was posted earlier yesterday displaying disturbing imagery within the home of Spectre Adande Greene. This image spread quickly across the Extranet, and C-Sec took action within thirty minutes of the picture being posted. While the assailant, only known as "Abraham" was not found in the apartment, C-Sec secured the scene and have added additional security on every way into the home of the Spectre."

*The camera cuts to a Turian C-Sec Officer*

"Yeah, that's pretty messed up to break into someone's home like that. Spectre Greene shouldn't have to worry about that type of stuff. We've got his whole apartment on lock, and we'll keep it this way for as long as we need to. We've got a team out here with additions of these new Locust Mechs. His apartment is secured."

*The camera comes back to the Citadel News Reporter*

"In other news, the Presidium is hosting it's annual celebration of..."

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