Human Exceptionalism

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Human Exceptionalism

Post by Peppuh on Wed Jan 11, 2017 3:33 pm

Human Exceptionalism
The Torch of Exceptionalism has been passed around many times in Human history. The first example of Exceptionalism we see in human history is the Roman Empire. They amassed one of the greatest and grandest empires in our history. Eventually, the Roman Empire would collapse and the torch would not be passed to a single country but to an entire continent. The European continent contained some of the most advance nations for their time such as the ever-expanding British empire, the maritime superpower Dutch, and the culturally rich French. The European continent would hold onto this torch until one event tipped the balance of power in the world. This event was the rise of the United States of America as a free and sovereign nation. The United States has the special honor of being the last nation to hold this torch because after the discovery of the mass relay, the torch was passed to all of Humanity.

Above is an image from the First Contact War, our first time showing off Human Exceptionalism. We took on an alien civilization far greater than our own. We still had small arms that fired conventional bullets and you know what we did? We asserted ourselves as the new big dog in the galaxy. We would expand faster than any other species, both our territory and our military. The Geth were taken down by Humanity. The Collectors were taken down by Humanity. The Reapers were taken down by a collective effort from the galaxy, that was led by Humanity. The Leviathans were taken down again by Humanity. The way we have shaped the galaxy makes it seem that we are poised for greater things. Perhaps we will be the first species to reach a new galaxy?

Who knows what the future holds for the Human race!

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