A Stolen Hero?

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A Stolen Hero?

Post by Peppuh on Tue Jan 10, 2017 4:09 pm

A Stolen Hero?

What gives another species the right to claim one of our heroes? The man in question is not Commander Shepard or Commander Greene, they saved everyone. The man in question only saved humanity and put humanity first. The man in question is Jason Kelce. I know the people that come on this site hold the Kelce name very dear to their heart. That is why you should be angry that the Quarians have the audacity to claim Jason as one of their own.

(Photo of Jason Kelce)

I have gotten a statement from Jason's brother, Travis. and he does not seem so pleased.
"Oh no, I'm not angry at all. I'm f***ing livid about the whole situation. They're claiming him because of his relationship with some Quarian named Cana. My brother took after his mother, so he was not the most mentally sound person around. Add in the stress of death, war, and the reapers and you got yourself a God damned mess of a person. I think that's why he commited borderline beastiality. I hate what he did but he is blood. Human blood is thicker than Quarian blood. If they build that monument, I'll be there to tear it down personally."

I support Travis all the way. I encourage you to join Travis in his attempt to protect one of Humanity's heroes as well.

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