Mission Statement

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Mission Statement

Post by Peppuh on Tue Jan 10, 2017 2:57 pm


What is 2157 you might ask? 2157 was both the best year and worst year for Humanity. It was the best because we learned that we are not alone, we were united as a single race against the unknown number of aliens out there. It was the worst because humanity exposed itself to the galaxy and had to deal with whatever the galaxy was dealing with.

In 2157, an unknown alien race attacked humanity without provocation. Just as capitalists and communists united against the Nazi threat on Earth in the 20th century, every human being united against the alien threat in the 22nd century. We delivered devastating blow after devastating blow to the alien threat and they tucked their tails in between their legs. The Council determined that the conflict was pointless and peace was made. Defending your entire species from annihilation is not pointless. Those Turian bastards started that war and we were held equally accountable for the war. We lost Shanxi, we could've lost Earth. The average man was deeply angered by this, humanity was still rattling its saber. However, the politicians decided to do what they do best and sell out their constituents. It was in that moment that I and billions of other humans became forgotten.

Our mission is to provide a voice to the forgotten men, women, and children. Our mission is to provide news that mainstream outlets will not tell you. Our mission is to put humanity first again!

2157 will commence again!

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