Kassa Fabrications Weaponry and Armaments

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Kassa Fabrications Weaponry and Armaments

Post by Lapis on Tue Jan 10, 2017 2:07 pm

Welcome to Kassa Fabrications! We are a human-founded company with its primary headquarters located in the scenic Sydney, Australia on Earth! We have produced many quality weapons and armor pieces for militaries, private contractors, and C-Sec. Our products include, but are not limited to...

Arc Grenades
The Arc Grenade releases an EMP blast and a burst of light upon detonation. It was originally designed for use against the Geth, but is now universally used against synthetics and as a deterrant in riots.

The MK-III Colossus Armor

Seen here modeled by Commander Shepard and Ashley Williams

Colossus armor comes in human/asari, drell, krogan, and quarian models. It remains once of the most impressive pieces of armor in the galaxy, used by the Systems Alliance in Marine & N7 Programs, by the Turian Hierarchy, and some high-ranking members of the Krogan Clans.

The Micro-Capacitor Suit

The Micro-Capacitor Suit is designed to enhance the strength and regeneration speed of the user's kinetic barriers using patented micro-capacitor technology. The design has since been enhanced by multiple private firms and militaries, including but not limited to Phazon, Cerberus, Armax, and the Systems Alliance.


M-96 Mattock

The Mattock is a hybrid weapon with an assault rifle's low heat production and a sniper rifle's punch. Marksmen favor its increased power over that of an assault rifle to bring down hardened targets. Though lacking fully automatic fire, studies and military leaders have shown it to be beneficial, as to curb a soldier's tendency to 'spray'.

M-76 Revenant

The M-76 Revenant unleashes a storm of high-velocity slugs. It has low accuracy but a high thermal clip capacity, and packs considerable firepower. The Revenant was designed as suppression weapon for the Systems Alliance and the Turian Hierarchy, but it quickly saw use as a heavy damage, anti-infantry weapon.

M-37 Falcon

This rifle, originally designed for the Systems Alliance, launches 25mm mini-grenades. Lighter and more accurate than most grenade launchers, the Falcon burns through specialized ammunition as well as standard thermal clips. A field fabrication kit generates this ammunition, leaving the clips as the rifle's only limitation.

M-29 Incisor

The Incisor is a sniper rifle designed to overload active defenses. Firing three rounds with each pull of the trigger, it is able to quickly bring down defenses and ensure a killing blow. The sound of the shots is nearly identical to a single shot from a Viper or Mantis, thus making the enemy none the wiser of what rifle you are using.

M-12 Locust

The Locust is a compact submachine gun developed for the Systems Alliance but now favored by enforcers and mercenaries. Featuring a complex recoil-reducing mechanism and high-grade auto-targeting software, the Locust delivers longer range, more accurate fire than others in its class.

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