Uncensored Picture of Omega Patient Zero

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Uncensored Picture of Omega Patient Zero

Post by Scout on Tue Jan 10, 2017 4:41 am

"After it was clear that it was alright to go outside, I heard a lot of commotion outside my apartment. I went outside to see what's going on, and I saw a lot of researchers all over this Vorcha's body. I had heard the gunshot that killed him about thirty minutes before this whole fungus thing blew up, but being on Omega I thought nothing of the gunshot. Anyways, I'm pretty sure this must be the Vorcha that the ANN article was referring."


N8Guy says: "Of course it would be some nasty ass Vorcha, Jesus fucking Christ."

wardley says: "oh thats fucking nasty."

dead&red says: "holy shit someone lit that dude the fuck up, is that his brains next to his head?"

infamousfall says: "^ yup"

Masmerry612 says: "Oh that is gross!"

FuriousBanger says: "I remember some old rumors with a Vorcha following the 2ndMSRC around for some time, but that was a long time ago."

ChadwellOConnor says: "Looks like he got motorized."
WinstonBCrisp replied: "What the fuck are you doing here?"
ChadwellOConnor replied: "I thought I told you I never want to see your face around here again?"
WinstonBCrisp replied: "I will fucking destroy you, O'Connor."
ChadwellOConnor replied: "Listen here you fat fuck, I will shove motors in your ears, your eyes, your nose, your mouth, your - your BELLY BUTTON. You will submit."
WinstonBCrisp replied: "Not until I make your old ass brittle bones crispy like my thick ass wife.
ChadwellOConnor replied: "Who's your wife? Your mom? lol"
WinstonBCrisp replied: "Shut the hell up O'Connor we all know you only got where you are today because you shoveled your mom's poop for five credits a week for eighty nine years.
ChadwellOConnor: "We'll see about that."

urmom12 says: "guys above me are fucking gay"

MartyLamar says: "At least they got the situation under control."

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