New Information of the Omega Cordyceps Fungus

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New Information of the Omega Cordyceps Fungus

Post by Scout on Tue Jan 10, 2017 4:30 am

"Good evening, I'm Joseph Taylor with the Alliance News Network, bringing you brand new information in regards of the fungus, simply dubbed 'The Omega Fungus' that we have gathered today. Here are the latest details."

(The camera cuts to a doctor speaking.)

"This fungus inhibits all of the traits of a Cordyceps disease that we see on Earth, however, it's alien nature has granted it a change in identity. The scientific term for this strain of fungi has been designated as Imperares Hostem. As all fungi, it travels through the air in spores. These spores enter your body and begin to violently assault your body, starting with the brain. The fungus - from what our autopsies reveal, attack your central nervous system and brain directly, conquering both. Once that is done, the fungus shoots more spores from the orifices of their bodies, and then compels the body to become a mode of transportation for the fungus to spread it further. Luckily, an effective airborne cure was developed two years ago by an Asari doctor Noava. It is very fortunate she developed when she had the time, for it would have taken us about the same time it would've taken her, a year. By that time, Omega would surely have been destroyed. If it wasn't for the 2nd MSRC being able to shut down the infection within two hours of it beginning, who knows what would've happened."

(The camera cuts back to Reporter Joseph Taylor)

"Despite the quick reaction, Omega still lost an estimated eighteen thousand people in the Jakrian Ward. We have new reports that an unknown man was spotted sabotaging the ward's ventilations. We also have another report that the source of the fungus may have been found, a single Vorcha that carries an excessive amount of the fungus was found dead in a back alley. Researchers believe that he may have been a patient zero of the fungus - a carrier if anything. Due to the Vorcha's extreme immune systems, the fungus was suppressed inside of his body. However, upon his death, they were violently released."

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