Manual Dossier:: Abraham

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Manual Dossier:: Abraham

Post by Scout on Tue Jan 10, 2017 1:27 am

Select Personnel File.

>Arakiel Celebrios
>Specialist O'Donovan
> Abraham :: Criminal Selected

Loading Personnel File.

Unit Identification Information.

Unit Identification Images

(The final image depicts a close zoom up of Abraham's face during the live execution of Trak, father of Arglack and warrior of clan Raik.)


Name: Abraham
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Ranking: None

Physical Appearance:
Abraham stands at 6’5. He obtains an impressively lean body and maintains a perfectly shaven face. He speaks dynamically, his tone adjusting to the scenario, at times speaking at a higher pitched tone, and then can easily switch to a deep, dark voice. He has deep, brown eyes and medium length brown hair. He typically sports an old-fashioned black suit and tie, with a white undershirt and dress shoes.

Unit Vocals:

(2:34 and onward, the link should begin at that time.)



Abraham’s goals and motivation seem to be one thing -- the complete and utter destruction of all systems, governments, institutions, and establishments. Abraham believes that anarchy and chaos is the only action the galaxy should partake in. He refers to this concept as a “Galaxy on Fire”

Abraham seems to completely lack empathy. He has gassed whole colonies with illegal products, slaughtered innocents with no regard, and has committed public executions on television, showing his brutality to the entire galaxy. He also has shown his face with no shame -- he almost seems to take pride in his image.

Abraham appears to be extremely intelligent. Not only is he able to manipulate others into joining his call of anarchy, but he is also able to break down his targets on an emotional and psychological level. He specifically targets important and vital people to his victims, knowing how to do the most damage to his opponents before even physically engaging them.

While much is not known about him, it is thought that Abraham may come from Chicago, Earth.


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