Who are these guys?!

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Who are these guys?!

Post by Kravis on Mon Jan 09, 2017 2:32 pm

The video picks up from some sort of colony world under attack by mercenaries. The camera shifts over to the sight of Eclipse mercenaries shooting at another group of soldiers, the camera pans, showing the soldiers wearing black outfits with blue accents and blue lights, however, the emblem seems to match the old Cerberus logo with blue stripes instead of yellow ones. A Turian off the side smacks the cameraman's shoulder saying "Look at that!" The camera pans over quickly behind the Cerberus soldiers, showing a humanoid figure running between them, garbed in slick black armor with a coat attached to the outside of the armor. The figure appears to be wearing a deathmask of sorts that has glowing blue lights. The Figure jumps forward, using it's biotics to dash into the group of mercenaries. He pulls a sword from his back and proceeds to stab one of the mercenaries in the heart. He turns and throws a mercenary forward using his biotics, allowing the Cerberus soldiers to gun the man down in mid-air. The last three mercenaries raise their weapons and fire. The Mercenaries have their backs to the camera as the figure can be seen flipping and sending a biotic shockwave forward using it's sword as a conduit. The shockwave whips forward and sends all three mercenaries onto their ass. The shockwave keeps going, causing the turian and the camera man to take cover. The video statics for a moment and returns to normal. The look back up and back to the scene where the figure pulls a carnifex and fires a round into the neck of one of the mercenaries while flinging the other towards itself. The figure maglocks his carnifex and pulls his sword. Impaling the mercenary as he flies close enough to the figure.

(Still from footage)

The last mercenary drops his weapon and scoots back saying
"Okay! okay! please don't kill me!" The figure steps over the mercenary and looks down to him. The figure pulls his carnifex out and aims it at the mercenary, causing the merc to flinch and hold his hands out saying "Please!" The figure stands there for a moment before maglocking his carnifex again. The figure kneels down and sends a punch straight into the man's face, knocking him out cold. The figure stands and motions for the Cerberus soldiers to detain him and drag him off screen. The Figure turns towards the two filming the incident and the figure merely points his blade towards the camera. The figure then sheaths the blade against his back and walks off. The video ends on the camera man muttering "I think I just shit myself.."

(Another image surfacing linked to same footage from a helmet camera.)

COMMENTS (103,231+):

Elite_Bro says: "Dude killed those guys with a sword, That's fucking awesome!"

Plzhelp says: "tell the camera guy to stop moving the camera, It hard to see the action!"

SupremeIntellect says: "Those guys are dead!"

Master76 says: "^no shit^"

BurboLine says: "Oh man, I really need to go sign up for that Cerberus thing on Phazon's website. This looks fucking sweet!"

Maka says: "who uses a fucking sword nowadays?"

itkl21 says: "rekt'd"

Miakoo says: "fucking lol'd at "I think i shit myself" lmafo"

Cutey97 says: "do you think he's single <3?"

Earkai says: "Them biotics tho!"

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