Holy Shit! Krogan Execution!

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Holy Shit! Krogan Execution!

Post by Scout on Mon Jan 09, 2017 3:07 am

"Here's that footage of those Krogans who just got destroyed by that Abraham guy. This has got to be the nastiest shit I've seen in years. Like -- on public television? We are living in crazy fucking times! And they even called out the 2nd MSRC? These guys are insane!

A raw footage of the entire incident can be seen here. Arglack's father in the front, with Abraham in the suit, gripping him to the side. The colony in the back looks in despair, and in shambles. The images represent the entire four minute long video. Feel free to open these images on another tab to enhance.

Arglack's father is hit across the face with a baseball bat as Abraham pulls his mask off. 


King_Code says: "Holy shit, those mother fucking Krogans just got destroyed lmfao, hope this guy comes out with more of this shit."

logi says: "fucking horrible, i dont know how i got through this all. the sick fucker was smiling the whole time!"

War2186 says: "I didn't get to see this when it invaded all of television because I was in the bathroom, glad I got to see it the second time around! lol"

MetaSalarian says: "Interesting. Krogan typically prove harder adversaries, yet this ragtag group proved to the galaxy that they are useless. Stupid. Dumb. Most impressive. Perhaps I can find myself in such a group?"

MizZJg says: "This is disgusting! What the fuck? Who the fuck is this Abraham guy? I swear to God I'll take him out myself!"

NeroTrader says: "just wait until cmdr greene fucks your ass lmfao"

Gasbagmorial says: "Damn. I've been studying Krogan clans for a long time, I was hoping clan Raik could perform better than this. I'm sure there's most of the clan left."

urmom12 says: "lmfao"

PartyWhipeer says: "I swear I know that guy at 3:24 who pulled that machete out of the Krogan's neck. I hope I never see him again, or - he better hope he doesn't ever see me again."

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