ANN Apologizes Deeply

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ANN Apologizes Deeply

Post by Scout on Sun Jan 08, 2017 8:26 pm

"Hello everyone. I am Henry Bryans, ANN CEO. This is a uh.. unscripted broadcast that is coming to you shortly after our networks, along with hundreds of other networks were hacked. We would like to apologize deeply for the disturbing images that were broadcasted onto your screens. We here at ANN are -- speechless. Some of our reporters are.. sick from what they saw, I cannot imagine what you, the viewer, must be thinking of after seeing such a horrific act against the galaxy on your own television. Words are not enough to express our sorrow for those displayed, and to display how much we are terribly sorry for such images coming through our network. We would ask that all viewers and even non-viewers forgive us for allowing such a horrible thing to occur.

ANN will be going down for a few hours. Thank you. Goodnight."

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