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Kate Vasquez

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Unit Identification Information.

Unit Identification Image:

Unit Name: Kate Vasquez
Unit Gender: Female
Unit Species: Human
Unit Ranking: Corporal
Physical Appearance: A 5ft 4in woman in a simple Alliance uniform. She has somewhat tan skin with grey eyes and blonde hair. She seems fit and capable. Her right arm seems to be completely prosthetic.

Unit Vocals: (Margot Robbie)


Marine General Information.

Unit training: Alliance Reserves, Basic CQC, Basic Training
Unit Assignment: SSV Constantinople
Operational Status: Active
Unit Casualty Status: Alive
Previous Post: Alliance HQ Melbourne
Unit MOS: Automatic Rifleman


Unit Faction Relationships.

Faction Allegiance: Alliance
Listed Liked Factions: Krogan, Turians, Asari
Listed Disliked Factions:
Listed Neutral Factions: Geth, Quarians
Hostile Factions: Reapers, Leviathan, Pirates

Unit Personnel Relationships.


Navelon Argonis: He's a well-rounded Turian with tons of skill and an innate ability to lead. Perhaps it's cause Turians are kinda always like that...or maybe...jeeze, I'm being a bit racist here. He's a great soldier and I'm happy to be serve by him, especially in the op at Omega.
-Update- Still a total narcissist!

Charles Abner: This is the cool dude who first introduced me to this ship. He's been by my side working with me on the job since the first day and he is a great soldier and Corporal. It's an honor to be working with him. He even helped me get my first promotion with his recommendation and I am so grateful for that. I hope to repay him some day for what he's already done for me.

Anna Beramendi: Anna is a funny, caring person who obviously seems to care a lot for everyone. She's also a really good friend now and I really do think she is capable of much greater things!
-Update- Still as cool as an ice cube! Anna is great to be around, asks lots of interesting questions though she can ask a little too many sometimes and it can make situations awkward. Nothing's wrong with that but oh man do I love teasing her! She acts so innocent sometimes it's hilarious. I think she's just being sarcastic.

Helix: Well ain't she a cool one. She's the first Geth I've met and it's been a complete honor to even meet one. They obviously regret their actions but they're free now and they're free to do what they want. She was in C-Sec before and I stand by the fact that she is the greatest people I've ever met. She's always trying to improve herself and cares dearly for the crew.
-Update- Helix is genuinely one of the most interesting get----person..I've met. She's shown that she can fit in with the crew while showing anyone she works with that she's a force to be trifled with. I also think the top hat I got her looks cute as FUUUUUUUCK.

Jiro Mori: This dude is one of the most reliable guys in the galaxy. Not only does he have my back, he's got bite too! I owe this guy a drink AND a coffee. He's a nice guy all-around and seems to know a lot about the crew. I also really need to get to know him better, since the Omega op, he's been a lot more talkative around me.
-Update- Fuck fuck fuuuck...Mori, why did you have to go and be that gutsy for once...now you're at Huerta. I could've done something...but fuck, you're hurt now...and who knows if you'll be okay. I will come check on you soon..I promise. I just hope you're okay...last I heard you had a bad concussion. That can't be good. Nonetheless I hope you're okay...
-Update 2- Mori's back in action! It's nice to see he's still in good spirits but I can understand why he was surprised when he saw my arm. I'm hoping he sticks around, he's a damn good soldier and it's an honor to serve with him.

Raik Arglack: Obviously I'm not too sure about Argie, other than the fact that he's fine with me calling him Argie. We haven't talked properly so I'm not sure how to feel about him. What I am confident about is his combat prowess, jesus this guy is quite literally a brick wall. He can take down anything and anyone. I'm glad he's on our side!
-Update-: Arglack is actually a good person, genuinely. He does give a shit about people on the ship and he feels more than he shows. I feel bad for what I said and I hope he knows that I didn't mean to interpret him the way I did that day. Anyways, he's still a force to be trifled with, I think he could punch me into a puddle.

Secilio Dartmus: I say his name all Italian and he doesn't seem to mind. Secilo is very level headed and a great medic, better than our previous one. He also keeps all the medical records up to date and it's clear he cares a lot for his job and the people he looks after. I want to talk to him a little more since ever since I switched to this engineering job (which I now left, and now am a combat engineer), I haven't really talked to a lot of the people, Secilio is probably the top on that list. Overall, he's a great guy, a great soldier and a really good friend.

Popisia Victomus: I'm really not sure how to feel about Popisia. Whenever I'm in the room she always leaves or doesn't really respond back to what I'm talking about. She also talks very little with me and seems to avoid talking to me whenever she can..at least I think that's the case. I'm not sure if she dislikes me or  just doesn't like what I do in the field..or the fact that I pursued an engineering position on the ship. I guess only time will tell.

Rachel Elizabeth : Oh man, do I ever love teasing her and making crappy little puns. She laughs at practically everything. She seems like a genuine person and a great soldier, she knows when to focus on the task and when to relax and actually socialize with others. I'd have her back any day.
She left..without saying anything, without saying anything to any of us. She's lost all my respect..she won't even respond to emails.

Victoria Morello: Look, it takes a lot to get me this mad at someone and she's done it. She had the guts to show her face around here, after she pulled this shit with me AND MY ARM! I would've had my arm still if it weren't for her, I sat out in the dirt for 30 minutes waiting for medical attention and she even let some soldier who had 0 medical training try and reset my arm which completely ended up severing any remnants of me being able to get my arm back. I'll tolerate her on the field but she has NO respect from me whatsoever.

Commander Adande Greene: He's someone I respect dearly and will probably follow into hell if he leads us there. He's kept us alive so far and it's a really nice guy in the relaxed times. He also has laser focus when in the heat of battle which is key for a commander. I respect him a lot and hope to continue working under him for the foreseeable future.

SfLT Martin Banner: Cool, calm and collected. A straight-forward individual with lots of focus and great leadership skills. He's helped us out a great deal and I swear one of these days I will buy him a drink and have a nice chat with him. He seems pleasant as a person and I'm glad to serve under him.

SvC Flynt Thatcher: Damn if this guy isn't good at fighting. He's an absolute beast when it comes to CQC and I commend him and respect him for that. Other than that he's a very calm, cool, collected guy with an awesome subtle sense of humor. Hope to serve with him for as long as I can.

Husks: Fuck, FUCK, FUCK...I HATE THESE FUCKING THINGS. They were the bane of my existance, seeing some of my closest friends and clients turned into these fucking monstrosities the thought still gives me nightmares to this day...I can't bare to think about this anymore...



Unit History.
Kate Vasquez was born in the UK to a Spanish mother and Australian father. She was born to 3 other siblings, all men and all of which served in the Alliance in one way or the other. Military duty ran in her blood but as she grew up, she realized it may have not been her real dream. However she conceded and joined the Alliance Reserves in order to get a subsidized run through college to become a mechanic. She became quite the mechanic in her fairly young age and ended up running a skycar repair shop of her own. She successfully ran it till the age of 22. Unfortunately at this point, the Reapers had hit and they hit Melbourne hard. She was called into service as part of her Alliance Reserves service.

During her service she faced harsh circumstances, working outside, day and night, with almost little to no sleep. Trying to keep the husks and other Reaper creations at bay and trying to evacuate as many civilians as possible. She also was involved in keeping their portion of the Alliance HQ branch (Alliance Melbourne) stocked and supplied as supplies ran thin quite often due to the sheer amount of attacks that were ongoing in the area. She pushed with this effort all the way till the end of the Reaper war, and when they finally were done and over. Her entire life was in a pile of rubble. Instead of going back to her old life, she found that there was much more to her new life. She opted to join the main branch of the Alliance Military and completely exit the reserves, going on for full time service she helped provide the people returning to Earth with food, supplies and shelter. She spent the next 3 years working at Alliance Melbourne to cover and protect the base. Fulfilling standard roles in rebuilding and protecting the base from the occasional hostiles that hit. She soon found herself serving on a smaller vessel that helped defend large transport vessels that carried food, medicine and various other supplies to Earth and surrounding Alliance controlled planets.

She eventually found herself being assigned to serve on the Constantinople and work with a task force that was in charge of something that she never thought she'd ever be involved with. She was both fearful and excited to get the new experience and meet new people. But feared losing everything like she lost before, like friends, loved ones and those she really cared about.

// I'm sorry, my writing skills are pretty trash Sad I might amend this later on.

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Re: Kate Vasquez

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Re: Kate Vasquez

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+Added Victoria Morello (again)
+Added Secilio Dartmus
+ Added Popisia Victomus
+Color fixes

Just post below or Steam message me if you want me to add you!


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+Minor updates
+Picture change. Thanks Scout! Very Happy


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Re: Kate Vasquez

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