Meet Star-Raider, the Man Who Single Handedly Stole 80 Million Credits

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Meet Star-Raider, the Man Who Single Handedly Stole 80 Million Credits

Post by Scout on Fri Jan 06, 2017 10:05 pm

"Today is Janurary 6th, 2190 and we have more breaking news to cover. I am ANN Reporter Joseph Taylor bringing you this developing story - we have reports of a massive robbery in the heart of the Citadel. We'll hand it over to ANN Correspondent Janice Smith, who's at the Citadel Central Bank now, Janice?" 

"Thank you Joseph, I'm here at the Citadel Central Bank, located on the Presidum. This serves as a hub where the Citadel sees trillions of credits flow through daily, it is the single largest resevior of credits in the galaxy. As you can see, C-Sec has shut the entire place down, we're about forty feet out and we can't get any closer. From what we're gathering, a group of men were able to break into the bank, hacking out somewhere between sixty -- hang on, I'm getting new reports now. Right - How..? Well, from what our newest reports suggest, this robbery was conducted by a single man. We do not have an analis except for the name "Star-Raider". This Star-Raider isn't in any records anywhere, and this may be his first attack - pulling off an impressive hiest having stolen anywhere between sixty million to eighty million credits. Most areas of the Citadel are now under lockdown as C-Sec sweeps the wards, however the search effort has been fruitless thus far. We'll keep you updated on this developing story, I am Citadel Correspondent Janice Smith, ANN news."

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