Terror in New Karnak!

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Terror in New Karnak!

Post by Scout on Fri Jan 06, 2017 4:21 am

"Today is Janurary 6th, 2190 and today we have breaking news coming out of Yamm, the Alliance colony within the Nuban Expanse, in the capital city of New Karnak. This is ANN reporter Joseph Taylor bringing you this breaking update. We're going to go on the scene in New Karnak with Nuban Expanse correspondent Kenneth Michaels. Kenneth?"

"Thank you Joseph, yes - I am out here on the scene and let me tell you, I haven't seen anything this hetic out here in a long while. We're getting reports of ten thousand wounded, at least one thousand dead, and six thousand missing after a horrific attack here. As you may know, New Karnak was dealing with a surge of crime, an increase of eight hundred and forty two percent, to be exact. This all started three months ago when Colonial Administator Hannity Gruber was assassinated. Since that day, we have seen intentionally targetting of colonial garrision forces, colonial politicans, and really-- anyone with any form of authority or power here in New Karnak. These horrible events have led up to this dark day. Here's a rundown of what we know - keep in mind this story is developing. At 8:42AM this morning, a group of thirty unidentified men with blank, black masks flooded into a large bank in Downtown Karnak. They were able to take over two hundred hostages. By the time authorities showed up, they had already executed thirty. Negioations began at about 9:12AM. Most of the city's forces were gathered in the Downtown area - yet this horrible event is now being thought as only a distraction. At 9:22AM, toxic explosions went off in the northern part of Downtown Karnak, where it is mostly residental. Large canisters of an unidentified substance exploded, eye-witnesses say at least fifteen of these explosions occured, blanketing the North of the Downtown area. While we have not identified what this substance is, it was noted to be extremely dangerous to all forms of life. The colony is currently in a state of emergency -- if you look behind me you can see the emergency reserve militia in the uhh - uhh.. the TM88 - I mean the T- Armored Personal Carriers. *he scratches his eyebrow with his free hand*. The situation is still developing but the current administration here is telling everyone to lock themselves in their home and ensure there are no avenues for outside air to enter inside. Teams are being deployed with full-helmet gear to extract anyone stuck in the affected area, and aid and huminitration crews have already began gathering the living and the deceased from these zones. It's important to keep in mind that this story is developing. I am Kenneth Michaels, Nuban Expanse ANN Correspondent, live out of New Karnak. Joseph, back to you."

"Thank you for that, Kenneth. I'm getting new reports that we actually have an image here we can display of one of the men confirmed to be inside of the bank at the time of the robbing, and I am being told by Captain Howard of the New Karnak Colonial Guard that this image matches up with eye-witness reports of the suspects. The image is now before you.

*There is a few of pause here.*

"Disturbing, truly. As we've said before, this is a developing story and ANN will do it's best to ensure that we get you the news as it comes out. We're going to head to a quick commerical break but once we return -- do you know what kind of mass effect fields are now considered to help in weight loss? That's right, more on that when we return after this break."

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