"Helix" Dossier

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"Helix" Dossier

Post by Scrat on Mon Jan 02, 2017 3:44 am

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Unit Identification Information.

Unit Identification Image:
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Unit Name: Helix
Unit Gender: Identifies as female
Unit Species: Geth
Unit Ranking: Lance Corporal

Physical Appearance: An unusual Geth platform that has the look and antennae of a Geth Prime, but with the height of a standard Trooper (6'5). Coloured jet black with green highlights and eyes. Female voice synthesizer. Has a blue patch on her right shoulder with an image of a bulldog's face on it, with her name below.

Unit Vocals:


Marine General Information.

Unit training:  Last updated databanks for Citadel law enforcement and squad-based combat
Unit Assignment: SSV Constantinople
Operational Status: Active
Unit Casualty Status: Alive
Previous Post: C-Sec Enforcement Unit
Unit MOS: Missile Specialist, Systems Specialist


Unit Faction Relationships.

Faction Allegiance: Geth, Alliance Navy
Listed Liked Factions:
Listed Disliked Factions:
Listed Neutral Factions:
Hostile Factions:

Unit Personnel Relationships.

Jex Navalin: Jex was a wonderful Turian who lost his life for the Alliance, those he proudly called his family. Of the many people he was friends with on this ship, evidence shows I may have been one of the closest. Hours were spent together staring out the observatory window, speaking of every topic that would cross our minds. Though I have emotional limitations, he still found comfort in it. On the night prior to his death, he thanked me for having helped heal his mind from the troubles of the past. Healing his soul. For this, he gifted me a patch which I still wear on my current platform's shoulder. There it shall remain as a metaphorical extension of Jex and his spirit - as family.

Navelon Agonis: A Turian who, like me, has served in C-Sec. Though I've yet to see him in combat, on the ship he is perhaps the most "comedic" and "light hearted" of all of them. He was assigned an endearing nickname (as opposed to a mocking or disliking one) of Wires to me, and with his help I have done well in understanding humor. According to himself and other females he is visually attractive, which combined with his good spirits makes him quite popular. He has shown aptitude as a capable leader.

Connor Victus Connor is a human male who is quite new to the crew. Since his deployment here we were quick to bond, and we have shared personal stories of those close to us that have perished. Initially seems like a standard marine without much to him, but is actually quite emotional and pained by the ghosts of his past. I wish the best for him although worry as he is prone to injury.


Connor has shown a tremendous spirit in spite of unfortunate events of the past and present, and the worrying uncertainty of the future. I have taken to comforting him when he has been sad, worried, or angry and enjoying the good moments. In spite of the tremendous guilt the Geth feel, the guilt Ifeel from my role in the Reaper war, the war which destroyed everything - his friends, his home, his family... he holds no negative thoughts about me. Whilst Thatcher may regard me with coldness, bitterness, Connor is almost endlessly reassuring. He sees me not as a Geth, nor a Machine, just a person like he or anyone else. As Helix. The feeling is... quite literally indescribable. Yet, Connor's warmth can show that perhaps if I can be accepted as such by one person, there may be hope for my kind as a whole.

Our closeness could be combined to the sort I had with Jex. Yet I will not permit the same fate. Even in the shadow of impending war, I will not let it happen. I will not lose another...

Kate Vasquez: Kate is a human female who is newer to this unit, but brings along with her a lot of high spirits. It is proven that those who manage to keep optimistic views provide a significant morale boost, so of course anyone like her is welcome aboard.


Kate is evidently quite fond of me to a great degree, and seems to derive some joy from the sound effects I make on occasion. I am fond of her also and will do my best to ensure her safety.

Adande Greene: An interesting man who is a Spectre and a bit of a galaxy-wide hero. He has the best interests of his entire crew in mind, and appears to have a surprising amount of high spirit for what he has likely been through. A respectable being.

Victoria Greene: A woman and wife of Adande. Although she was a capable leader on the field, she allowed her emotions to apparently get in the way of her service, and so she has been relocated.

Martin Banner: A prominent leader figure on the Constantinople I heard some about him prior to his rescue - in the Geth Wars, he was at the forefront of trying to find the best ways to kill us. I was told that he thought nothing personal of it, and when he was back in place this has shown itself to be correct. Though he has a rougher tone when talking to much of the newer crew, there was none of it during our one on one meeting. I believe it is because he has come to respect the Geth for what we have accomplished.

Raik Arglack: Raik is a male Krogan who carries a Claymore and clearly shows pride in his weapon, and his job. A valiant warrior inside and out, he is dedicated to those he serves with, even if his emotions get in the way at times.


Arglack has shown himself quite interesting to me. He is a krogan of many complex thoughts, thoughts that he does not often voice. A book unopened that I wish to open.

Flynt Thatcher Flynt is a human male who is a veteran of the Reaper War and much beyond. He still holds a great deal of contempt for Geth and wastes no time in making clear his hate for me. I do not blame him at all for his feelings. My comrades, perhaps even myself in the past, have taken many lives of those dear to him and he has every right to feel as he does. Maybe my actions will one day convince him otherwise. It is not my place to force anything.


Unit History.

Unit HELIX was one of many (previously nameless) Geth that assumed many platforms during the Geth Wars, and likely controlled at least one unit in each major war involving them since. Upon being granted True Intelligence, settled on a typical trooper platform and was installed in the Citadel as a C-Sec unit as a sign of goodwill towards the now-friendly Geth race.

Worked as such a unit until Commander Greene asked their Captain for recommendations on recruits for his crew, where Helix was recommended due to their consistent, satisfactory importance. Accepted the new assignment without question, and now serves as a Marine under Greene's command whilst trying to learn abstract concepts such as emotions, beauty, and humor.

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Re: "Helix" Dossier

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