My old friend.

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My old friend.

Post by Kravis on Mon Jan 02, 2017 1:02 am

To: Adande Greene
Subject: My son.

"Greene, I had gotten your email, but, I'm afraid that I meant what I did back on the Citadel two years ago..I was becoming old, and I was weak from the assault on Earth. Unfortunately, I am also sick, I did not want you to know about it but, the illness I held in my body has come too far now to be ignored, My son, Thusyo, he has gone missing, I..I had a argument with him a few days ago, concerning his path in life. He wanted to become like me, train as a soldier, and gain recognition for his service, I tried to convince him to be a priest here on our new homeworld, But he rejected my notion, I tried again, and he didn't speak to me..Now he's gone, And with my time short. I had no choice but to ask you, as a friend. If you could find my son so I may speak to him, one last time, before I part from this world and go to the next. I can tell you more on Karshia, on the outer rim of the Terminus systems in the Phoneix Massing system.

- Your friend, Uriel Vertanos

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