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Late Notice

Post by Revival on Sun Jan 01, 2017 10:46 pm

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Subject: Late Notice

Sorry Spectere Greene. Unfortunately due to the ship I was on there was illegal substances found onboard. There is myself and June Faulkner on the ship that was holding the illegal substances. We will regretfully be unable to attend the gathering you've asked us to attend. I know that it's a last minute thing, and I am sorry for this. I have CC'd the email of Systems Operator Faulkner as well into this Email. In the morning, or when we can, we'll try getting back to your apartment, or wherever you need us to go. We are both planning on staying at The Inarcem Hotel* if we are not able to get to the Gathering. A rather new hotel that has popped up, I figure near your Apartment. We'll be there when we can. I also apologize for any spelling errors, this was written in a rush.

*Translation - Hotel of the Citadel

- Jiro Mori, Former Marksman of the SSV Kyoto
- June Faulkner, Systems Operator of the SSV Istanbul



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