Military-grade Omnicodes Leaked to the Public

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Military-grade Omnicodes Leaked to the Public

Post by mia_the_human on Wed Dec 07, 2016 4:09 pm

"Hello, ANN viewers, I am Thena Nosava and today I bring frightening news."
An average b-roll of people using their omnitools plays over her voice.
"An unknown source has leaked military-grade omnicodes to the public via These codes range from low-maintenance blades to powerful biotic enhancing. The codes have since been removed from the extranet, however, they still may float around on leaking websites. The only incident of usage of these codes is an attempted stabbing in the center of the Citadel's shopping district with a 1-and-a-half foot omniblade. The suspect, a Huvos Ginus, has been taken into custody and will be serving a 7-month sentence. We encourage you to avoid visiting these websites, or at the least report the content, for the safety of the galaxy. We have Weapons Correspondant Grant von Dyke from GBC to provide more information on this incident."
A bald, serious-faced man appears on-screen next to Thena Nosava in a video-call format.
"Hello, Thena. The omnicodes that were leaked were randomly chosen from all different areas of usage within the Alliance military, and therefore, was an attack in result of an insider from the Alliance military revealing codes as opposed to a hacking leak. A military media correspondent is tracking the interrogation process within the unit that the codes were suspected to be leaked from, the 76th Infantry Unit of the Alliance military. The majority of the codes were variants of omniblades with different style blades and biotic enhancements. The most dangerous of codes released was the blade used by Huvos Ginus. The Alliance is currently working on removing all of the codes from the extranet and has made way. We would also like to warn anyone from using these codes, as the Alliance plans to arrest anyone with these codes found used in their omnitool."
"This is Thena Nosava, signing off.


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