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Military Police - Casefiles

Post by Outro on Thu Oct 20, 2016 8:03 pm

Subject is a Salarian researcher, detained for tampering with unauthorized research specimens. Murdered before interrogation under suspicious circumstances.

D-02 - Foshkoa Ra'dell:

Interview Log

Interrogator: PfC Stoat Muldoon

Suspect: Foshkoa Ra'dell

Description: Suspect detained under suspicion of manslaughter against suspect D-01, and assault against multiple crew members. Suspect displayed strange cognitive and biotic anomalies. Research pending.

Muldoon: State your name and rank for the record, please.

Ra'dell: Foshkoa Ra'Dell, Specialist.

Muldoon: What do your duties consist of on board this ship?

Ra'dell: Representing the Raloin Empire for the Galactic community, by serving alongside Spectre Greene.

Muldoon: And you don't contribute to field operations or logistics in any way?

Ra'dell: I travel on several field operations, however, I am kept on the ship mostly to learn experience from a Citadel Spectre.

Muldoon: What were you doing on October 17th during the 15-minute timeframe of the ceremonial burial of Diogo Stolarz?

Ra'dell: I..Was speaking to the Emperor of the Raloin Empire, I did not know the Helmsman, so I was not going to attend.

Muldoon: Can you recall what you were discussing?

Ra'dell: Future of our Chinzei.

Muldoon: And you have the communication logs to prove this?

Ra'dell: I do not know how this ship operates. These questions will not matter for when my execution follows, so get it over with.

Muldoon: Ra'dell, I don't want to execute you. What I have an issue with is that while you were communicating with the emperor, someone entered the brig and stabbed one of our detainees to death. A salarian who was previously paranoid and illegally tampered with research specimens. You were the only one not present during the ceremony. An hour later, you assaulted a member of the crew when the power went out. Care to shed some light on these facts? It's also fairly important to note that the perpatrator of the stabbing bore a striking resembalance to you.

Ra'dell: I..I was not myself..After speaking with the emperor I..I lost memory, I then awoke feeling pain..and seeing enternal darkness.

Muldoon: People aren't 'not themselves' Ra'dell. Give me one reason why I should believe you.

Ra'dell: I am not one of your biotics..Nor did I ever pocess these abilities.. That should be evidence enough for you.

Muldoon: Alright. That's all my questions for now.

<End Log>

Takeaway: Subject was most likely not acting within their own state of mind. Investigation will continue.


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