Pfc Vincent Simoniet [K.I.A]

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Pfc Vincent Simoniet [K.I.A]

Post by Revival on Thu Oct 13, 2016 8:53 pm

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Unit Identification Information.

Unit Identification Image:

Vincent when he was a teenager, taken by unknown source

Unit Name: Vincent Simoniet
Unit Gender: Male
Unit Species: Human
Unit Ranking: PfC

Physical Appearance: 5'11 /  Shaved Head / Mid Twenties / Brown Eyes / Somewhat Muscular Body / Beret / Pin of the SSV Bangkok on Chest .

Unit Vocals:

[If you can't see it, Todd/Jesse from Bojack Horseman/Breaking Bad, same Actor. SPOILERS FOR BOJACK HORSEMAN SEASON 3 IN CLIP]

Weapon Description: Vincent's Viper has ten names etched into the weapon. As follows, "Cain, Seth, Hannah, Ollie, Al, Harley, Jamie, Kelly, Desmond, Alejandro,           - Diogo, - Vincent's Predator has the Bangkok's symbol on its grip. And his Avenger is normal, standard issue.

Marine General Information.

Unit training:  Basic Training, Marksman Training, Street Fighting, Reaper War combatant
Unit Assignment: SSV Constantinople
Operational Status: Active
Unit Casualty Status: Alive
Previous Post: SSV Bangkok, Land division
Unit MOS: Marksman

Unit Faction Relationships.

Faction Allegiance: Alliance Brass, SSV Constantinople, SSV Bangkok
Listed Liked Factions: Human, Quarian, Turian
Listed Disliked Factions: Salarian, Gethi,Asari
Listed Neutral Factions: Krogan, Raolai, Drell, any unspecified species
Hostile Factions: Anyone who is against the SSV Constantinople

Unit Personnel Relationships.


"Last time I fell in love with a group member, shit went sour. I don't think that's going to happen... but maybe it'll happen, hell if I know. Not some fortune telling dumbass."

Well Respected:

Adande Greene: "There's one thing that I think about, and that's there are only two people I can trust. Myself, and Greene. Greene seems to be Trustworthy enough, and he is my commander after all, what type of commander do you know that you wouldn't trust?"

Alejandro Martinez: "Rest in peace bro, you kept me sane in the reaper war... though I don't think you died still... you are a idiot, but you aren't that much of a idiot to shoot yourself...

Celia Garfunkel: "I always liked your fighting spirit, good thing you're leading the Bangkok in its wake. I wonder if we'll meet up with you again... I guess I hope we do, to much shit to talk about"

Nade Ester: "Guy was in New York for some of the Reaper War, born and raised there from what I heard out of his mouth. Seems to be good in the combat engineering department, but I don't got anyone to compare him to, so... there's that."

Raik Arglack: "Guy seems fun to play cards around... not because he's easy to read... other than that, solid mate."

Flynt Thatcher: "I think we have a mutual respect to each-other, or a rivalry, whatever the hell it is, I like it."


Victoria Morello: "Seems to be a Hoity Toity type, always thinking she's bigger than everyone, when in reality she's not. Figuratively and literally. She tries handling situations and so far, I haven't seen them go well for her. I got half a mind to respect her, but she hasn't shown me that I should respect her opinion, that and she should focus on what's right. Not helping a group of three take on a Oculus is totally the correct decision. Vincent's voice is in Obvious Sarcasm

Travis Kelce: "The former Governor of Texas, and pretty much said fuck you to the world in his stay in office. I don't respect his opinions but damn, does he get results done in the battlefield. Only reason so far I haven't disliked him, let's keep it that way right?"

Martin Banner: "I had a clear shot on him when he was talking to Greene if he did something stupid, turns out they knew each other... I don't know if I will respect him or not myself.. depends when I speak to him."

Any Unlisted


Stoat Muldoon: "Ah the conspiracy nut from the SSV Constantinople! How fun he is to be around.." Vincent's voice is in obvious sarcasm Dumbass needs to wake up, the entire world isn't out to get you, I have a reason for me saying Total paranoia is total awareness, he would say it because the Steak I ate is apart of the Collectors."

Jake Marshall: "Someone needs to dislodge the stick in his ass, and get him to know he's a fucking private second class, not Greene."

Wren Corbin: "He acts like he knows everything, and sounds like a fucking dumbass. Need's to take Marshall's idea and lose the fucking stick."


"I don't fear any man, that's just fucking stupid."


"I don't hate anybody that I serve with... I hate people who are against what we stand for."


Unit History.



Vincent was born and raised in New York city to a long list of military men, stemming as far back as they could go they found that every generation of the Simoniet's fought in a war, a battle, or were militaristic in some way shape or form.  And as one of two kids in the family, Vincent took up the mantle, and became a Marksman, much to the Ire of his Combat medic mother and father for 'pussying out of the real fight.", in Vincent's eyes, the Marksman fight is the true fight, one small mishap and everything falls apart. And he liked that aspect of being a Marksman.

His first true mission was in the reaper war, seperated with a land crew, and unable to get back onto the Bangkok without risking its destruction, Vincent's crew foresaw New York City's destruction, and were there to see through that supplies got to those in need, and to military groups. In the rubble of NYC he found multiple hiding places in the city. From the thirteen it started with, to three at the end of the war. Vincent, Alejandro, and Cecilia. Vincent went off to join back with the Bangkok, and transferred over to the Constantinople after two years. Alejandro shot himself in the citadel, but no body was ever discovered, and Cecilia is now currently leading the Bangkok as the CO. However, the two years didn't help Vincent.

Vincent became addicted to gambling, and whenever he had the chance, he would bet his life savings away. But unlike others, he's saving up for a bottle of TM88, for 'sentimental' reasons. He got in trouble on the Bangkok during shore leaves for beating people at blackjack and causing them to say he cheated. Which under most records, say that he hasn't.

-Vincent, as a marksman wields a Viper, Avenger and Predator. His viper has small engravings of all of the fallen during the reaper war. The engravings are listed in the weapons description. He stated that "It's to remember the ones that are lost."


Vincent Simoniet was killed during the Leviathan war, impaled through re-barb in the Alliance headquarters, gurgling out his last words as the rebarb mangled his internal organs. He was buried in his home of New York City

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