Pv2 Jake Marshall

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Pv2 Jake Marshall

Post by Alkemical on Wed Oct 12, 2016 9:23 pm

Select Personnel File.

> Jacob Marshall :: Jacob Marshall Selected.

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Unit Identification Information.

Jacob Allen Marshall

{Renegade}  {[][][][][] ||| [][][][][]}  {Paragon}

Name: Jacob Allen Marshall

Known Alias': Jake, 'Rocky'

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Affiliation: Alliance Marines

Rank: Private Second Class

Age: 25

Height: 5'10" (178 cm.)

Weight: 168lbs. (80kg.)

Race: Caucasian

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Blue

Background: Spacer; father was enlisted in the Alliance military. Records indicate that subject's mother was a nurse on-board Omega Station.

Homeworld: N/A [Refer to background]

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