A vibration in the galaxy, signs of better times? Or something else? ANN's Jakob Holmes back with the news.

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A vibration in the galaxy, signs of better times? Or something else? ANN's Jakob Holmes back with the news.

Post by Kravis on Mon Oct 03, 2016 3:38 pm

"Hello everyone and welcome back to the Alliance News Network, I'm your host, Jakob Holmes, and today we'll be covering the on-going news dealing with the galaxy, Today i'll cover over new hot stories, past events, rumors and other things here and there, And don't worry, I'll be providing a recap to some things if you're not up to date."

"First up on our list is revisiting the troubling news that came around a month or two ago when the Citadel Council informed the galaxy that Arakriel Celebrios, a drell veteran of the Reaper War, and a Council Specre, was stripped of his spectre status and was branded as being a rogue spectre, This is severely troubling considering that the last spectre to be branded a rogue was the one and only Saren Arterius, The same Saren who lead the attack on the Citadel in a effort to jumpstart the Reaper War, unlike past reports. Now, Arakriel was known for being a advocate for the Drell people after the Reaper War, for those who don't know, The Drell people as a whole are nearly down to 125,000 people left alive in their species, After Kahje's fall in the Reaper war and the losses in combat, they are the first sentient species in years to be labeled as being endangered, even more than the Batarians who were hit first in the Reaper war, The Drell people cannot return to Kahje due to the destruction of the Bio-dome cities and they have no where else to go, Arakriel was trying to pass the Vertanos Accords, named after a fallen Drell war veteran in the Reaper war, The Vertanos Accords were suppose to allow the Drell people to settle on a planet far out in the outer rim of the Terminus Systems that has been deemed to be "beneficial" to the Drell government. However, the Citadel Council has yet to sign the accords due to the resources needed to help a entire race and due to fears of war with the Terminus Systems. As of right now, most of the Drell race are living on the Tayseri Wards, one of the wards that has still to have been fixed since Saren's attack on the citadel."

"Arakriel has been rumored to have been behind the abductions on Servasa, a vacation planet were nearly 1,200,000 people were abducted for unknown reasons, reports show that the abduction party was comprised of the Collectors, a race that was once a enemy and a friend in the Reaper war, now seemingly being used as slaves by a unknown entity, Either by Arakriel's doings or another parties command. Arakriel was also though to have been reported as attacking a Noveria facility where every single civilian was abducted, or murdered. No one knows if Arakriel is either on some sort of genocidal rampage, or plotting something even more dangerous."

"Weeks ago, The Turian Colonies rebelled against the Turian Hierarchy which sparked another conflict with the Seperatists, the Turian colony of Digeris was said to have been completely taken over and a Seperatist fleet was inbound to attack Palavan directly, but Primarch Victus has said that the conflict is slowly being resolved after both forces stood down to have a peaceful meeting between the two armies, However, no peace treaty has yet to come of it."

"Earlier today, We were able to talk with the CEO of Phazon Incorporated, Maximillian Vincent, better known as Majestic Max, We asked Majestix Max for a interview after the new political strides he's been making in the galactic community. Mostly notable accomplishments being saving a Raloi Colony from Collector abductors with a private platoon, The funding of a Raloi and Volus embassy on the Presidium and the meeting with the System's Alliance's council in order to help pick a new Councillor for the Citadel Council. Majestic Max is also known for being one of the last remaining richest men in the galaxy after the Reaper War who's been making strides to prove to the community that he's not just another dull CEO, but a man who cares for the direction that we're heading, and making sure it's a in a good direction. Our interview video can be found by clicking on the link below."

[Pictured, Majestic Max.]

(Not really)

"That's all the news for today everyone, Check back soon for more juicy news later on today, Jakob Holms checking out!"

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