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SvC Raik Arglack

Post by Arglack on Mon Sep 19, 2016 12:38 am

Select Personnel File.

> Raik Arglack :: Raik Arglack Selected.

Loading Personnel File.

Unit Identification Information.

Unit Identification Image:

Unit Name: Raik Arglack
Unit Gender: Male
Unit Species: Krogan
Unit Ranking: Corporal

Physical Appearance:  Standing around 2,30 Meters tall, several scars across his face including a notable one across his replaced eye, red synthetic arm, recently burned left side of the face

Unit Vocals:


Marine General Information.

Unit Assignment: SSV Constantinople
Operational Status: Active
Unit Casualty Status: Alive
Previous Post:Tuchanka

Unit Faction Relationships.

Faction Allegiance: Alliance
Listed Liked Factions: The Krogan, Humans
Listed Disliked Factions: Batarians, Reapers, Anything Arakiel has to offer, Abraham
Listed Neutral Factions: Mercenaries.
Hostile Factions: Pirates, Abraham's people.

Unit Personnel Relationships.


Adande Greene: Our Commander, N7 and local Spectre, also the guy who contacted me to go in the citadel. Honestly? Greene is better than I expected for him to be, knows exactly what to do when he needs to act, but outside of his job, Adande is actually a person I respect, didn't give me shit, and is actually nice to talk with, I hope he keeps up like that.

Years later, I have met the man again, he married Victoria, got a nice apartment, and now i'm working with him, again.

I can tell Adande is honest when he says he'll do anything for the crew, especially with everything he does to me, unfourtanely he was too late
when my father was captured.. and killed, I don't blame him, though, he tried all he could to find Abraham.. and that son of a bitch is going to pay.

Years later I have met him again, I am loyal to that man, and I would go through hell with him to help him when he needs it, I am very proud to serve serve under his command, and to be his friend, i'll drink for you, Greene.

Charles Abner: I didnt go eye to eye with Abner when I first met him, and that kept on going since Galakor, after I uh.. made him nearly get killed by Wrex, i felt like paying a visit to the man, he seems cold, uncaring to others, but in reality, he's a man of his word, and some people should look at him differently, he's a good friend to me, and leader, I am still sorry for what I made happen to you, though.

Seclio Dartumus: Turian bullet surgeon guy who loves to beat the crap out of other surgeons in the sparring ring, He's a
good guy. I feel like I need to talk with him more, though

Popisia Victomus: At first I didnt have much of a good impression of her, sounded like a by-the-book Turian cabal, then again, we didn't really speak much, everytime we did, we got interrupted or a crap-ton of people were sitting in the same room, but some time later, I found out she's a good person. I visited her in the medical bay after she got wounded, came back everyday to have a chat, and she reminded it when I got wounded, I am glad to be working with her, and to call her a Friend. Careful with Navelon though, he bites.

Nade Ester: Nade is one of the first people i've met on the Constantinople, after talking to him on the Citadel, he shown me around the ship, but under all of that, he's a scarred man, lost his family back on the war, kinda feel bad for him, yeah, as long as he keeps his mind out of it, he'll be alright, and hell , I hope he does, not like he even touches that subject anymore

Nade's gone, I dont know what happened, sadly, that man didn't return to the crew with us, i'll miss that son of a bitch.

Alcae Kurius: Seen her before on Illium, Octis sister. Alcae is a caring person, I can see that when it comes to Octis, a person I can actually call a friend  here on this crew, and... I really don't know how she felt after shooting up those civillians

She's dead.

Jiro Mori: He's a tough son of a bitch, survived a Krogan stomping him on the chest, surprised me; no one could survive all he's been through, earned my respect, and he's also a chill guy to talk with

Navelon Agonis: His ego is bigger than my - what i'm trying to say is, Navelon cares alot for himself, and is often in a good mood, I trained him some CQC.

His father is also gone, Navelon didn't show much of a reaction for when it happened, I tried my best to keep the man alive, but i'm not a doctor, I hope he goes through that.

Navelon has gotten better over the time, he doesn't seems very narcissistic the way he was anymore, apparently he got on with Popisia, that surprised me, Popisia herslef had said that she didnt want anything while in the military, I guess your mind changes over the time, huh?

Kate Vasquez is someone I cannot tell the difference between her and Anna, I even get mixed up sometimes; She dissapointed me once by saying alot of shit to my face, asking to stop trying to act like if I am the "big guy" , even though, I was just telling her to not get killed on the field; she did "apologise" later, though, even though she shouldn't have said shit to begin with, other than that, she's fine, became a combat engineer


Octis Kurius: Alcae's brother, very protective over his sister from what I remember, that guy worried me, though, back at Palaven, it looked like he was going to pull his weapon and out count our heads one by one, glad he's better .

And he's gone now too.

Gwen Dawson : Who?

Anna Beramendi: A little too childish, but a good marine, she kepes trying to strike me with horrible and awful puns to make me laugh, and blames me afterwards for being "stoic" when I dont laugh, keep trying, sweetheart, maybe one day i'll have a chuckle.

I see you are slowly turning into Victoria 2.0, dont do that


Travis Kelce: The fact that man is a LT surprises me, didn't give me a first good impression, nor he tried to change my mind about him , he's the cliché asshole of the crew, and you can't get used to it.

Was held hostage by Navelon's father, yet his father got killed, I wont even ask how the hell did that happen.

Victoria Morello: She was kicked out of the crew once for being the most immature person ever to board the SSV Constantinople, and now she comes back acting like if she's the queen of Tuchanka, who the hell does she think she is? She shouldn't have come back at all to begin with, she has no place in the military, and im surprised Greene can still keep up with her bitchass bullcrap.


Martin Banner
: Banner is a by-the-book marine, Greene's right hand man, and unlike Majestic Max, he doesn't acts like his dick got stuck in the zipper, I respect that man, I even saved his ass back when we got back in action.




Unit History.


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Re: SvC Raik Arglack

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Added and Updated Relations yo

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