Hostile Forces Library: Awakened Collector Units & Ships

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Hostile Forces Library: Awakened Collector Units & Ships

Post by Lapis on Tue Aug 30, 2016 4:25 pm

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The following information lists all known Awakened Collector units and ships circa 2189.



Collector Drone

Drones are the Collector's most common unit. They are capable of flight with their orange wings, and carry a Collector SMG and two grenades.

Collector Assassin

Assassins are the Collector's long range unit. They are capable of flight with their orange wings, and carry a Collector Particle Rifle. Some have been observed with mimetic skin, allowing them to cloak.

Collector Captain

Collector Captains lead contingents of Collector forces into battle. They have also been observed to 'awaken' in the field of battle, becoming formidable opponents wielding unrelenting, green biotics. They carry a Collector Rifle, 2 grenades, and can summon Seeker Swarms. They are also capable of flight with their orange wings.

Seeker Swarm

Seeker Swarms are large amounts of tiny, Collectoroid creatures that Collectors use to immobilize civilians, and distract enemies. They are created aboard Collector Arks, and are called into battle by Collector Captains, which have special holes in their carapace to store them. They are extremely fast but weak, but in large numbers they can easily overwhelm even an experienced unit.

Collector Titan

[collectortitan.jpg corrupted...]

Collector Titans are huge, genetically modified Collectors that tower at 9 to 10 ft tall. They have extremely thick chitinous armor, and are equipped with scything claws on their hands and across their chests, and 4 grasping combat tentacles on their backs. Their weight makes them unable to use their wings, though they still possess them, and flutter them uselessly nonetheless. They are also capable of becoming 'boosted' by Collector Captains, gaining a Barrier and enhanced strength for the duration of the boost. The Collector Captain must be killed to sever the connection.


Collector Ark

Pictured firing at SSV Tokyo, taken from SSV York

Collector Arks are massive vessels, denoted to be almost the same height as a Sovereign-Class Reaper, circa 2187 when landed. Arks house millions, perhaps billions of Collectors, and pods to store their captives. The Arks are equipped with particle beam weaponry capable of nullifying shields, chewing through armor, and burning crew alive.


Last transmitted image from SX3 Fighter aboard SSV Tokyo

It is unknown how the Collectors maintained these devices after the Crucible was fired, destroying the Reapers. In any case, they remain largely unchanged, firing beams of energy at enemies, and functioning as both fighters and close air support bombers.

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