2nd MSRC Timeline (Alpha Timeline)

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2nd MSRC Timeline (Alpha Timeline)

Post by Scout on Mon Aug 29, 2016 8:46 pm

This is a work in progress. We've only completed the Reaper War, tomorrow we'll be adding the events that occured to the 2nd MSRC during Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 1.

Reaper War - Original playthrough (2186-2187)
(Occured May 12th - August 15th 2016)

  • March 10th - Amek - Batarian Planet - The 2nd MSRC catches the first recordings of Reapers, engages them.
  • March 12th - Earth - Invasion Begins
  • March 14th - The Genophage is cured
  • March 15th - Shepard unites Krogan and Turian forces, Krogans commit troops to Palaven.
  • March 15th - Turians commit troops to Earth.
  • March 16th - Krogans commit troops to Earth.
  • March 17th - Admiral Hackett calls the 2nd MSRC to help transport Krogans onto Palaven and break through the Reaper blockade outside of the planet. This operation is successful.
  • March 20th - Earth - 2nd MSRC makes its first mission to London
  • March 24th - Earth - 2nd MSRC establishes a hard defensive line in Chicago, holds it for three months.
  • June 1st - Earth - 2nd MSRC is forced to evacuate from the Chicago trenches, they move to Upstate New York to commence operations from a remote area.
  • June 20th - Earth - 2nd MSRCs FOB is attacked by thousands of Collectors, three soldiers die in the escape. They make their way farther North where they hold out for several months.
  • August 29th - Cerberus launches a massive invasion of the Citadel

    • 8:35 GS - The Cerberus attack begins.
    • 10:00 GS - Cerberus Operative ‘Specialist O’Donovan’ captures the Salarian councilor.
    • 10:02 GS - O’Donovan is cornered by Commander Greene and the 2nd MSRC
    • 10:03 GS - O’Donovan and Greene initiate hand-to-hand combat out of reach of the 2nd MSRC
    • 10:05 GS - O’Donovan falls to Greene, and during his arrest he attempts to lash out against Greene, Greene is then forced to kill O’Donovan by impaling him through the chest with his omniblade.
    • 10:08 GS - The Salarian Councilor is secured.
    • 10:15 GS - The Turian and Asari Councilor is secured by Shepard.

  • September 28th - Earth - 2nd MSRC relocates to Northern Montana.
  • October 4th - The Rannoch Operations begin.
  • October 5th - The 2nd MSRC lands on a Geth Dreadnought to disable a pulse amplifying out a signal to allow Geth to fight for the Reapers, this signal was then isolated to Rannoch.
  • October 6th - Shepard and Greene lead two teams on both poles of Rannoch, along with hundreds of Quarian marines  - leading to the destruction of the signal that allowed Reapers to control Geth, thus freeing the Geth from their control.
  • October 6th - Quarians and Geth make peace.
  • October 8th - Quarians commit troops to Earth
  • October 8th - Geth commit troops to Earth
  • October 10th - Salarians commit troops to Earth
  • October 20th - 2nd MSRCs position is attacked by the Reapers, it forces them to relocate to Maine
  • 2nd MSRC operate in Maine for several months.
  • January 25th - 2nd MSRC is once again forced out of Maine, they relocate to outside of London where they are tasked with holding the London Tunnel, a staging point for the Siege of London.
  • January 29th - Greene, Shepard, and the Alliance 3rd Fleet launch an invasion of Cronos Station. Greene and the 2nd MSRC take the Southern sections while Shepard takes the Northern. Cronos Station is destroyed.
  • February 2nd - The Citadel is teleported over Earth.
  • February 3rd - The Siege of London begins.

    • 19:21 - The 2nd MSRC land in the midst of London and establishes Firebase Zeta.
    • 19:38 - The 2nd MSRC rescue several elements of trapped marines.
    • 20:05 - The 2nd MSRC move South to take out a Hades Cannon to destroy it.
    • 20:41 - The Hades Cannon is destroyed. This allows one hundred more Kodiaks of Hammer to land and join at Firebase London.
    • 20:55 - 2nd MSRC move to Firebase London.
    • 21:00 - The Run to the Conduit begins.
    • 21:05 - Shepard, Greene, and Anderson are the only individuals to make it to the Conduit.
    • 21:20 - The Reapers are destroyed in a fiery blast released from the Catalyst.


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