Dossier: The Seraph [Archived]

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Dossier: The Seraph [Archived]

Post by Scout on Sat Aug 27, 2016 6:27 pm

Believed Image of the Seraph

The Seraph

Name: Unknown

Aliases: Seraph

Species: Unknown, believed Batarian

Gender: Male

Psychological Evaluation: Currently, we believe that Seraph at least harbours some hatred for Alliance, Mercs or possibly Humans. Though we usually wouldn't consider him with that in mind, he has previously been recorded showing some support for Greene in a discussion with a civilian; we've tried to keep further tabs on him, but he keeps destroying our cameras and recording devices. We think he might believe us to be associated with CAT6 or other mercs. It's currently theorized that he has previously served in the Blue Suns as he seems to have some contact with them, and may have developed his ideas within that group. With that in mind, we think he'd have enough respect for Greene to work with him, even alongside Alliance or Humans. With how effective he seemed to be, we'd recommend him as a possible recruitment option.

Skills and Abilities: Seraph's shown to be an experienced marksman and very familiar with guerilla and hit-and-run tactics. He seems to have experience working with others too, having apparently taken out a number of mercs with Octis Kurius; might be an idea to ask him about that at some point, get into the guy's head. He's got some familiarity with tech, having disabled defenses, lights etc before making raids, and has stalked CAT6 groups through different environments for extended periods of time. All of this and more seems to imply some kind of military background; we think he probably at least served in the Hegemony's forces or perhaps even Special Intervention Unit before he joined up with the Suns.

History: Reports are a bit sketchy, and we're not sure what Seraph was doing before he turned up in the Terminus; all we know is that he came to attention when he started performing real well in the Suns, then again when he disappeared and turned back up killing by himself. He really stirred up the mercs, and we think he might've been working as an independent; doesn't seem like he was doing it out of altruism or anything, and money makes the most sense as a motivator for a former merc himself. He started causing shit around Omega, pissed of T'Loak as much as it did the mercs with how much he was interfering with. Eventually, we're pretty sure he got driven off the station and started operating around the Terminus. He hasn't even touched Alliance or Council Space; seems to lend itself to our Batarian theory. Ever since then he's mostly targeted human groups, though he's apparently been fucking with some Turian seperatist groups, too. We're getting some fixes on his current location, but it's been hard to get details; the guy's been moving constantly.

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