Pfc Violeta Lasar [Discharged]

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Pfc Violeta Lasar [Discharged]

Post by Revival on Sat Aug 20, 2016 9:31 pm

Select Personnel File.

> Violeta Lasar :: Violeta_Lasar ::

Loading Personnel File...

Unit Identification Information.

Unit Name: Violeta Ches Lasar
Unit Gender: Female
Unit Species: Human, Earthborn, Serbian
Unit Ranking: Private First Class

Physical Appearance: 5'4 / Early Twenties / Blonde short Hair / Green Eyes / Alliance Uniform / Small marking Behind her Ear / Pendent on her Neck /  

Birthdate - 7/6/2160

21 Years of Age.

Image of the Marking behind her Ear

Pendent on Neck [Closed]

Unit Vocals: A soft serbian accent

[If unable to view, Leni Parker]


Marine General Information.
Unit training: Basic Training / Free Running Courses / Combat Engineer Training /
Unit Assignment: SSV Constantinople
Operational Status: Inactive
Unit Casualty Status: Alive
Previous Post: SSV Shibuya, SSV Cario, SSV Shibuya*
Unit MOS: Combat Engineer

*: The SSV Shibuya was reinstated after the Reaper War, and she was one of the members to go back to the new one.


Unit Faction Relationships.

Faction Allegiance: Systems Alliance, Humans,
Listed Liked Factions: [N/A]
Listed Disliked Factions: [Bartarian, Criminals]
Listed Neutral Factions: [All Unlisted]
Hostile Factions: [Those fought on Record of the SSV Constantinople]

Unit Personnel Relationships.

Shibuya = Now Members of the Cairo unless stated otherwise

L = Liked

R= Respected


Oliver: ” I love you brother, I’ll see you in the future ”

[SSV Shibuya, Dead] Engineer Victoria  Finch ”I’m sorry it happened Vic’.. I won’t let that happen again. I promise”

Well Respected:

[SSV Shibuya, came back to be CO of the new Shibuya]OpC Clyde Duval LR “ I learned a lot from this guy, if we weren’t able to get out of that ship alive with the two of us, I sometimes wonder if he never made it out of there. Thank god he did. “ This guy knows what he's doing, glad I served under him again.

[SSV Shibuya] FltLt Xavius and Gerald Alexander LR “ I always have a respect for them. They seem to know what they are doing. Hope the bro’s are doing fine on the Cario.  ”

Pfc Thomas Ngyuen  LR “ ” Good Guy, acts like Duval did. Probably will get to know him better.   I wonder what happened to him, he seemed to go missing... missed talking to the bastard.    I don't know if he's going to be alive, he's in the Terminus systems, Manning's gonna be looking for him. I hope Ngyuen's ok, he was one of the first that I got to speak to when I got on the ship. guess it's just rough to see a friend get killed off by  Batarian Bastards.  Glad the bastard's back. I hope I can share a drink with him soon, he has a lot of catching up to do with the rest of us.  
 Thomas has helped me out a bunch, I learned that the best way I could. After I was worrying my ass off he comforted me, he got me to focus when we got Octis's Sis. He made me feel comfortable.. and I don't know if it's a good thing or not.  

Cpl Flynt Thatcher LR “ ” Guy seems good, apart of the trio with Vicky and Greene… but I don’t know what to think of him yet. The name’s Lasar, not Lazer. La, Sarrr, not Lae, Zerr.   "Ok, This guys cool after hindsight, I'll work with him in the future.  
 "Damn, this guy is a good shot, helped us all out. I'm glad to be working by him.  

GyC Victoria Greene LR “  Girl seems nice, hooked with Adande Greene. Caring person, I’m going to guess that she’s going to be mentioned in my Dossier a lot for our conversations, though she does act a awful lot like Finch did....Feel sorry for her after alls thats happened, let's make sure she actually gets her wedding right?  
 I spoke to the gal, and she seems like a pretty badass chick, she's a member of the Urdnot group that Krux is in, whatever the hell it is. She seems like a cool kid to hang around, besides. She has about a strong of a kick as a Quad Kicker, which is pretty cool.  

SvC Nade Ester LR   This guys a badass already, like him for what he's done. Seems nice with that. I'll be under him as a Combat Engineer, so that's gonna be sweet. Working under a legend of the Alliance.    
 Guy taught me some shit, and I thank him for it, some of this will probably save my behind when we're fighting whatever those bugs are on.  

Cpl Flynt Thatcher LR “ ” Guy seems good, apart of the trio with Vicky and Greene… but I don’t know what to think of him yet. The name’s Lasar, not Lazer. La, Sarrr, not Lae, Zerr.   "Ok, This guys cool after hindsight, I'll work with him in the future.  


LtCmd Adande Greene LR “ ” Never spoke to the guy, from the stories I heard about him. I like him already.  
/Tranmission Cut/ With what happened involving the Separatists, he seems to know what he is doing, but I don't like to think about the shitshow that spawned from that. /Tranmission Cut/

2ndLt Genos Primus R  ”This Turian seems like the guy I can get along with. Has my sense of humor, then again I haven’t seen anyone on this crew fight. Save for Greene, so I don’t know if that’ll translate over.. I got a feeling it won’t.”

OpC Travis Kelce  R  ”This guy’s alright, probably going to share a few drinks with him.   Remind me, we do not keep this guy on the verge of politics.  

Cpl David Iverson R :   “Eh, guy seems good. Fan of sitting infront of the wall all day, has some good stories. Maybe I’ll hear some later.   "Well, Shit I was wrong, wasn't going to be hearing any new stories from him.

Cpl Violet Lancer L   "I sometimes think someone will mix our names up, least I won't be fucked over because we have different hair styles, voices, and looks. Besides that, Violet seems like a pretty cool gal."  

Daniel Goss R   "Guy has a good fight to him, seems eagar to spar... cared enough to say 'I'll be careful not to hit you in the tit.'.. Eyugh, makes me feel sick hearing that, little perverted. Other than that, good guy.  
-Dupdate-'s... it's hard losing a good sparing partner, I felt like I would be a good friend with him but... what do I know.  

Jex Navalin R   I like this guy, knows how to handle himself well, takes a down to earth style from what I've talked to him about and I like that, seems like a good guy.  

Cpl Kreg Luther R :   Guy seems nice, don’t really know what to think of him yet though..”

HMC Claudell Harper R    Guy seems nice.. but man is he a fucking creep.  
 "Yep, total fucking creep."  


Octis Kurius:   "Guy gives me the creeps, don't like how he talks, walks, acts, anything. But.. Eh, I tolerate him until he does something stupid.  
  With Greene doing what he did, the bastard tried killing himself, if we weren't pushed away from the observatory, he wouldn't be moving by my hand. Why the fuck does this guy have a gun to begin with... least he seems fine now.

Negan:   “Seems like a dick and loves to give women the Rape Eyes, wonder how he handles when we come knocking..”  


[Shibuya, Dishonorably Discharged] Cpl Isabelle Venini   “This freaky bitch killed Vic’ and was sent off to the citadel, no idea where this girl is now and I hope far away from here. She could have killed me.


Reapers:   “Thank christ these guys are dead. ”

Cat-Six   “If this is where Venini went to…. Gods… I am scared..”


Drell Spectere [Figure]:   "Alright, this fucking bastard slammed me into a tree twice, I almost got shot in the chest by him. This bastard's going to be bugging me the time he's alive. Let's hope we get to him early."  


Unit History.

Violeta Lasar was born in Belgrade Serbia, one of the most modern cities in the country. And was orphaned at birth, stuffed in a dumpster to be killed off. A man, about three years old, found the baby, his name on record is ‘Oliver, a man who has worked in his future life as a criminal. Oliver raised Violeta from birth, and called her his sister. Oliver also raised her to be a thief and took her to parkour and freerunning lessons to learn how to evade people easier. In order for him to get them into a stable home Oliver took a job as a part of the member of the Serbian Mafia, unbeknownst to Violeta.

In 2186 she was in training for joining the system alliance. before hearing about the Batarian terrorist attack, which she think has killed her brother while he was doing business there. This caused her to stay quiet in her household. And a man hunted her down. She started to run from her problems, j She joined up with the SSV Shibuya in order to help them on their goal to defeat the reapers, however this is not the case for the group.

As the group was deployed on an isolated planet,  somewhat farther away than most planets and covered in snow. They heard there were going to be reapers located there sometime in the near future. As they were going to that planet to evacuate the civilians who were there and to bring them to a safer place, Violeta’s crew were put against a siege, and her Operations chief was gravely wounded. Violeta, only a few days a Private First class was the only one  who survived the onslaught of reaper forces. And was able to evacuate civilians and get them out of there. And was able to make sure that her Operations Chief survived despite the rough conditions and the little people who were there. The only other living members of the Shibuya were the pilots, and the Operations chief. They were transferred to the Cario. For the actions on the isolated planet, she was transferred over to the Constantinople. Before it was shut down after the assassination on Greene’ s Life. She was transferred back to the SSV Shibuya after it was reformed. Becoming a Combat Engineer and  using its abilities to her advantage.
--Corrupted Data--

-Corrupted Data--

Violeta Lasar left the crew for the constantinople for unknown reasons, Violeta's last known location was the Citadel, and heading to Shaxni for some unknown reason.

Other things of note for the person

There are no records of her before coming onto the Systems Alliance, we suspect that she does not have a real last name. So she chose Lasar for her last name, and ‘Oliver’ is not her real brother.
Coincidentally, after doing blood reports, Lasar was her last name biologically, but her parents are both dead and were admitted to the hospital for heavy overdoses when Violeta was 10 years old, after asking about that time period she said that her 'brother' was gone for a few days during the time of the parents death. We suspect that Oliver killed her parents via drug overdose.
She reports that Oliver died in 2186 with the Batarian Terrorist attack for being with the mob there. However he was not apart of the listed casualties, either the Batarian Goverment is holding back information, he was never there in the first place, or he died there but the Batarian conflict happened in tandem with her brothers demise.
She wears a pendent, she told us that is is her brother’s only keepsake, inside it is a picture of her ‘brother’ and her.
After asking the Operations chief at the time, Violeta was beating herself up over what happened, she has seemed to got over it. But she gets hostile at the mention of the event.
The Mission that she earned the transfer to the Constantinople went wrong, she also requested that they go there for extracting the civilians.This may bring issues involving relations with certain people.
Isabelle Venini was a former member of the SSV Shibuya, but murdered member Victoria Finch one of the engineer’s of the Shibuya during the reaper war. Violeta was the one who restrained and cuffed her after she was attacked by Isabelle’s Omni-Blade. We have no data of where Isabelle is now. But we suspect she joined the mercenary group Cat-Six.


Difficult moments
[OOC: Moments that are considered character changing that happen in the main roleplay. These are usually reserved for /event choices, such as the first one. Or huge character development involving IC character buildup, the second one.


- Violeta saved the lives of multiple seperatists, who were going to ambush them at the top of a tower to the AA battery by locking them in there room, and letting Greene know of there location.
- Telling someone about her past personally, and not known from her Dossier.

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Re: Pfc Violeta Lasar [Discharged]

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