Two Year Timejump

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Two Year Timejump

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The Reaper War has ended in a victory for all of the galaxy. Thanks to the efforts of groups such as the Normandy and the Constantinople, along with countless other heroes on the battlefield who shifted the tide of the war, the Reaper war ended with the destruction of the Reapers. However - the galaxy lays in ruins. With three hundred billion dead on Earth, and one trillion dead across the galaxy, many people see this as a time to rebuild, or as a time of opportunities.

With Greene being shot three times in an act of vengeance during his healing process, he was officially declared dead by the Alliance February 10th, 2187. The SSV Constantinople was placed on lockdown by Alliance Brass shortly after. The crew and marines were given two options - to be restationed with another Alliance unit, or to leave the Alliance.

The 2nd MSRC would be regarded in the highest throughout the entire galaxy. Every man and woman who served on the crew would be known as a hero. A large statue of the Constantinople would be erected amongst the ruins of London, Vancouver, and Houston, Earth's largest cities. A statue of the Normandy would be erected in the same areas. The Normandy Crew and the Constantinople Crew would be hand in hand, in death and in life. While Shepard still recovers from his injuries, the shocking news of Greene's sudden death would be a shock to galatic community and a loss to many. 

During two years, the galaxy would slowly rebuild. The Normandy and it's survivors would be placed on a lockdown as the Constantinople was while Shepard recovers. The Citadel would begin it's rebuilding process, and have the Presidium and some wards fully rebuilt. On Earth, the process would be much slower, and take a much longer time. However progress is there. Palaven, Thessia, and other capital worlds would have similar results.

Major organizations would rise in this time. A new human power, known simply as "The Attrican Colonies" would be formed. The Alliance would grant the Attican colonies it's own council to rule it's space in effort to relieve some management from the Alliance Brass, who are in over there head in relief efforts to Earth and to their other colonies. These Attrican colonies would serve as a vassal underneath the Alliance.

New Turian groups would rise, claiming the Hierarchy should have done a better job at defending it's own planet. Groups such as the ones who operated on Taetrus before the war would begin to spring up and cause problems within Turian space.

With the Genophage cured, many Krogans eagerly follow Urdnot Wrex into a new age for the Krogan. However, some still believe the Krogan should live as they please. They claim they were a huge force on Earth and in London, and they now believe they are punished with regulations on their very breeding cycle.

A small percent of Quarians decide that they are incapable of living with Geth on Rannoch, and attempt to form their own communities on Rannoch, staying isolated from the rest of the Quarian population.

The Raloi re-enter the Galatic community, they begin to work on vaccines for the diseases of the galaxy from other races to allow their immune system to interact with other races. They begin to establish their own colonies. It is discovered that their society is a warrior based society, and they are extremely traditional. Their weapons differ from the rest of the galaxy, instead of using thermal-based weapons, their weapons rely off energy, such as that of the Protheans. The Raloi fleet is small yet agile, they slowly begin to integrate more and more ships into their building fleet.

Cerberus is no more, yet Alliance reports that countless classified files regarding Cerberus intel were stolen in 2187. A new organization begins to invest in old Cerberus assets, only known as "Phazton."

The Council would be weakened but still alive, and attempting to regain their position. Most races support the council still, and the council even allow more embassies for races such as the Batarians and Quarians. They allow the Raloi to establish their first assembly in the Council. The Spectres who operate under the Council still stand as their right hand, and commence many operations to allow the Council to re-establish themselves as the center of the galaxy successfully.

For the 2nd MSRC crew and marines, many would choose to stay with the Alliance. The Alliance is all some people knew, it's all some people could trust. Some people would leave to forge their own paths.

Flight Lieutenant Stolarz would choose to stay with the Alliance. With his highly decorated background as the pilot of the SSV Constantinople, he would be given countless offers among other ships. He would choose to helm the SSV Tai Shan, an Alliance Dreadnought assigned to the 2nd Fleet. The SSV Tai Shan would run dozens of relief efforts during Stolarz' time. Stolarz would be in minimal combat due to the hesitation to engage an Alliance Dreadnought, however there was a notable over the planet of Theonax in the Pylos Nebula. Theonax is a low population mining planet that had a hostile take over by a collection of drug dealers, slavers, and pirates. This collation, known as the "Palladium Pact" had raided countless relief effort convoys to secure fortune for their own. The 2nd Fleet was assigned to engage and to destroy the fleet of the Palladium Pact to allow elements of the 22nd Marines to land onto the planet and raid the headquarters of the collation. 

Stolarz would become the deciding factor in this engagement. The 2nd Fleet found itself surprisingly outnumbered in the engagement. And with the Alliance Protocols, dreadnoughts are attachments to fleets, therefor they do not move with the fleet during all engagements. The 2nd Fleet found itself fifty ships strong engaging over 90 ships of equal ability. This was caused by the Palladium raids on small Alliance outposts, stealing dozens of ships. The SSV Tai Shan was called in to even the odds, and that it did. Stolarz successfully destroyed thirty hostile ships alone with the massive firepower of the dreadnought, allowing the 2nd Fleet to push back and annihilate the fleet. The 22nd Marines landed on time onto the planet, leading a pincer maneuver against the headquarters, destroying it and the Palladium Pact.

Stolarz would receive a message from Phazton, asking him to find himself to a base orbiting Jupiter. The message states at the very end "It involves your Commander."

OpC Travis Kelce retires from the Alliance. He returns home to Texas to begin rebuilding. Kelce filed the paperwork to run for Governor. He announced his run for Governor infront of a rebuilt Alamo (Paid for by Kelce himself.) He promised to cut off aid to alien worlds and focus the aid on Earth. The amount of aid that Mycenre was pushing out of Texas was hindering the reconstruction process. Kelce was a polar opposite to the current governor of Texas, Aaron Mycenre. Kelce was a Veteran of multiple wars while Mycenre was a career politician. Kelce had the popular support of the people because of his military career and defense of Texas during the Reaper War. Mycenre was forced to turn to backroom politics that would eventually guarentee Kelce the governorship in one fell swoop, an assassination attempt. As Kelce was giving a speech in Galveston, where he made his last stand before rejoining the 2nd MSRC, a biotic assassin appeared behind Kelce. Thankfully, Kelce was quicker on the draw, tackling his would be assassin. Kelce promptly beat the assassin on stage. After dealing with the assassin, Kelce returned to the podium and said "They send a biotic alien after me? The poor bastard must've not done their homework. I bet you 5 bucks it was Mycenre that sent the assassin! He sure loves aliens and hates me but more importantly, he hates you, the Texan people! He'd rather send aid off world to a bunch of aliens rather than help his fellow man. We have it pretty bad here on Earth as of late and my opponent is not doing anything to help what so ever. If you elect me, I will cut off aid to alien worlds to help my fellow man. We will rebuild Texas and the world greater than ever before. Thank you and God Bless!" 

Kelce would win the election in a landslide and Mycerne would be found guilty of conspiring to kill Kelce. Under Kelce's guidence, Texas experienced faster growth and reconstruction than any other place on Earth. This success would not be limited to just Texas, as soon as their was anything to spare, it would be sent elsewhere on Earth. 

As his two year term was coming to a close, he chose not to run for reelection, citing "No need to fix what ain't broke." Kelce left Texas better than he found it but he did pick up a lot of enemies along the way. Kelce's policies burned bridges with various alien species and turned Texans against each other, Pro and Anti alien. Kelce was a marked man to most of the galaxy, so he had to keep a low profile. It is after his governorship that we lose track of him. 

Kelce would receive a message from Phazton, asking him to find himself to a base orbiting Jupiter. The message states at the very end "It involves your Commander."

For Thomas Nguyen, it wasn't long after the Reaper War that he took an extended leave, and only a short while into that leave, decided to officially retire from service within the Alliance Military. Considered to be a hero by many for serving within the 2nd MSRC during the Reaper War and a six-year veteran, Nguyen was given awards just previous to his official retirement status being granted. However, the former soldier didn't stop moving; after the funeral of the rest of his family on Earth, Nguyen moved over to Australia, apparently seeking information on a man there, another former Marine who had served in the 49th, a man named Bromley. Though not much to go on, Thomas apparently followed leads to Elysium, then his own home of Watson and finally back to Eurybia, where he remembered the man most from. Contacting old superiors and pulling favours, Nguyen was only able to learn that Alliance Intelligence suspected him to have retreated to the Terminus.

Rather than try and stay within Council Space to raise money before venturing in, Nguyen decided he would earn as he searched; it would get him contacts anyway. Understanding that his combat ability, especially his marksmanship was his best asset, Thomas decided to become a merc, or 'security contractor'. Though the Blue Suns were known for being gangsters not only a couple years before, they had recently attempted to become more legitimate, even if the seedier elements of their work were still present. Partially accepted out of amusement by the recruitment officer to see if he could last, Thomas made it through their training at some of the highest percentiles. However, he wasn't exactly popular in the Blue Suns, and failed to make any friends, not that he had intended to. He was former Alliance, probably the least popular thing in the mainly Batarian organization, second only to being John Shepard himself.

The same as many contractors, Nguyen got a tattoo of the Blue Suns logo to show he wasn't doing this flippantly; he didn't need to make more enemies, and opted to get it on his right bicep. He served in the Blue Suns for a number of months, his skills as a sniper being further honed as well as a combatant in general. He learned new tricks, generally more sneaky and under-handed ones, to deal with the enemy merc groups vying for control across parts of Omega and the Terminus. Nguyen eventually did leave the Blue Suns, parting amicably after a number of months after he figured he had enough money behind him. His search brought him to Omega, somewhere he grew to despise. Even after all that had been done by various Spectres, Archangel and all manner of vigilantes, the place was still the same festering hole as always.

Nguyen's first step was Cat6. Figuring that his quarry was a traitor to the Alliance, it'd be the natural place for him to go. He couldn't probe without causing trouble, however; the Category Killings or 'Turncoat Shootings' as they were sometimes referred to by humans on the station were attributed to some sniper picking off targets and avoiding capture and elimination each time. Making sure to obscure his face, the killings were attributed to likely be a Batarian, targeting a group almost guaranteed to be former Alliance. Afterward, Thomas modified his helmet to have two lenses beneath the regular ones in his helmet, propagating the idea and trying to throw his pursuers off the trail as he continued to investigate. His frustration grew as the likelihood of finding Bromley within Cat6 continued to slim; it didn't help that the few good deeds he had done for people had gotten a lot of mercs breathing down his neck, hoping to pre-emptively kill any Archangel copycat.

Laying low for a while on the station, Nguyen changed his tactics; rather than focus on one area, he began harrassing Cat6's operations around the Terminus Systems, foiling and disrupting them wherever he could, whether by himself or others he could interest, taking any credits or resources he could carry off with him, to fund himself and to hurt the merc organization. Outraged, Cat6 continued to send death squads after the ex-Marine, who always evaded, subdued or actually killed the teams sent after him. Though it had began as a search for one man, Thomas' hatred of traitors was such that he didn't think it was right not to take down the merc crew wherever he found them. His face and name are still not known, simply considered a mystery sniper that a lot of people want dead. He was last spotted on Lorek, believing to have been moving between planets, and had also apparently been reported causing trouble for Turian seperatist groups. Whether this was out of personal reasons or payment from a third party is unknown.

For Kreg Luther, things would not get any easier during the years following the 'death' of Greene. A mere month after Adande's body was taken by Phazon, Kreg was, by request, reassigned to the Seventh Fleet's compliment of 103rd Marines. Initially, the plan was to assist the Asari on Thessia with restoring law and order among the confused and frightened population, errecting refugee camps for those displaced from their homes after the defeat of the Reapers. Mid-way through the relief effort, Kreg was assigned to a large recovery team operating in the ruins of Amalia to search for survivors. Being a city he had visited before with a close friend, Kreg had a decent memory when it came to the layout of some of the areas. With hopes of finding said friend, Kreg was more than distraught to find that she was killed in action, her lifeless form laying among the other bodies of Asari Commandos and a few civilians. Incapable of finishing his mission, Kreg was relieved of the op and sent back to the base to recuperate and ease himself. The loss of Siaxa to Kreg was easily the biggest blow he had taken during the whole war with the Reapers, the event itself prompting Kreg to take a two month shore leave back on the Citadel... or what was left of it.

Shore leave was packed with lots of drinking, something Kreg was not used to and never did before during his time with the Alliance, or at any time for that matter. His personality all but changed during the whole two months of his shore leave, going from a sarcastic and playful asshat to a more serious and no-bullshit character. A few well-deserved punches later, Kreg was re-instated back into the Alliance with the One Oh Third Marine Division. Following the next thirteen months of service, Kreg tried out for the Scout Sniper Basic Course with a reccomendation from his CO after repeatedly showcasing his above average marksmanship. During his time at the Sniper School, Kreg was drilled on the use of modern ballistic weapons such as the McMillan Tac-338, a .308 Winchester and the AX50 .50 Caliber Sniper Rifle. In retrospect, if a person knew how to fire a sniper rifle with modern ballistic handicaps (Such as having to take into account the distance to target, the bullet travel time, wind speed and humidity), then that same person would be more than capable of firing a weapon that practically defies all of those laws.

He managed to pass through Sniper School by a rather impressive margin, finishing within the top ten percentile of the class. Following his training, he was reinstated with the Reconnisance Contingent of the 103rd Marines which consisted of Forward Observers and JTAC operators. The following nine months of his career would feature a variety of missions best suited to his capabilities, mostly dealing with criminal organizations that tried to make a profit out of the war torn economy. His attention to detail and knack for getting things done landed him a promotion to Service Chief, serving underneath the same Lieutenant that got him into Sniper School. Kreg still serves with the Alliance faithfully, being the literal 'Tip of the Spear' for her forces.

In 2189, Kreg Luther would receive a message from Phazton, asking him to find himself to a base orbiting Jupiter. The message states at the very end "It involves your Commander."

Victoria Morello, when faced with the decision to leave or to stay with the Alliance, she had no hesitation in staying with the Alliance. Not only with her respect for the Alliance, but she feels that when compared to other groups, it's the only way she could go. For her service with the 2nd MSRC - she was given the choice to either be assigned with a relief effort to Chicago or to Rome, she would choose Chicago. 

For five months she served with the 5th Alliance Relief Effort, assigned to the Midwest of North America. There, she helped countless individuals and groups that suffered from the Reaper war. At her sixth month of serving, a tragedy struck the 5th RE - a massive earthquake caused by a team dropping a remnant of a Reaper leg a mile from the 5th RE's position caused a nearby building to completely collapse ontop of them, killing a dozen members, including the Commanding Officer, Captain Scott Belle. This would put Morello in charge of the 5th RE with over fifty men and women under her command. She would be forced to take things from a different angle, now responsible of saving any in need in the entirety of the Midwest and in Chicago.

The defining moment of Morello's career would be the date of June 7th, 2188, At FOB Craft where the 5th RE operated from -- an unidentified group launched an aggressive attack. FOB Craft held over two thousand refugees, split between the northern and southern half of the FOB. This group initiated the attack by hacking into three hundred mechs on the base, causing them to fire on anyone they saw. This surprise led to the death of half of the 5th RE and over one hundred civilians. Despite this loss, Gunnery Chief Morello rallied the men and women and established a strong frontline at the Southern half of the FOB. They launched numerous missions into the southern half of the FOB and extracted over 800 civilians successfully. Once all of the civilians were brought to the northern half of the base, Morello and twenty other men and women held the line against the mech assault, which was eventually joined by armed men in dark purple armor. 

The attack lasted a long and brutal nine hours at the end of the day, only Morello and ten other men would remain. The brave men and women of the 5th RE held off over four hundred Opfor targets, as well as secured the lives of 800 human refugees.

Almost a half a year after this incident, Victoria Morello would receive a message from Phazton, asking him to find himself to a base orbiting Jupiter. The message states at the very end "It involves your Commander."

Pydh would have little choice after the 'death' of Greene. He was taken by Alliance Brass and studied extensively at a base orbiting Lunar. The Alliance ran countless tests on Pydh with no consent on his behalf. After two years of this study, an unknown group broke into the Lunar facility. They killed all of the scientist staff as well as the stationed marines and only took one thing from the base, Pydh.

Pydh has not been heard of since the incident. 

Flynt Thatcher had considered leaving the Alliance, until approached by an Alliance Recruiter. This recruiter was different from the standard, however. He informed Thatcher that before Greene was killed in action, Greene had sent a letter of recommendation to place Thatcher into the Interplantery Combative's Training. Thatcher would accept this offer, and quickly complete his first year of ICT, now being designated N1.

Thatcher would opt to be stationed on his home colony of Sanctum, upon his arrival he would be given two months of leave. In this short time, Thatcher would come to the decision to adopt a little girl from a local orphanage, close to one he grew up in. This little girl would not only become Thatcher's inspiration and motivation, but put him onto a new path for himself.

Regarded as a hero back on his colony, many men and women would offer to be a caretaker for his daughter while Thatcher was away for his duties. The colony of Sanctum, or what was left of it, would raise a small statue of a N7 Crusader and plaque to celebrate the heroism of Corporal Flynt Thatcher.  

Thatcher would be offered a second year in the Interplantery Combative's Training course, and he would accept. Shortly after finishing this course and gaining the designation of N2, he would receive a message from Phazton, asking him to find himself to a base orbiting Jupiter. The message states at the very end "It involves your Commander."

Genos Primus returns to Palaven to pay his respects to his dead brother. He would eventually figure a new plan after the lockdown of the 2nd MSRC, he decides to train with Blackwatch and to become an operative in the Turian force. 

Primus would fly through the training courses of the Blackwatch, with little difficulty after being a Turian with his kind of service to the Galaxy. Regarded not only as a hero but as an icon on Palaven, his popularity would only boost his goal of becoming an Officer inside of the Blackwatch.

During a reconnaissance mission on the Turian planet of Taetrus, Primus would have another defining moment. Taetrus was known to always have a large insurgent force, and after the Reaper War, these insurgents saw a perfect opportunity to strike at the Hierarchy while it was at it's weakest. Primus was assigned with finding the location of the Insurgent's headquarters, so that the Hierarchy could take out the command and then search and destroy the scattering forces. Primus and his team were spotted by locals who were known to have a bad opinion of the Hierarchy. The team captured these three locals and tied them up to a tree. Primus' team would have two options, to release these locals and risk their location being discovered, or to kill them, and continue with their objective. If they left the civilians, they would surely scream and call out to anyone who could help, or die of starvation. Out of the six operatives on the field, three of them opted to kill the civilians. Primus made the decision to release the civilians. It was against the Hierarchy to kill unarmed civilians, double so if they are Turian colonists.

One hour after the release of the civilians, Primus' team spotted over eighty insurgents approaching their location from the South. Primus' team was situated on a cliff, the only way out was forward or down onto the rocks. The team got into defensive positions, and picked off as many insurgents as they could, but their position was eventually overwhelmed. Four operatives were killed by insurgent forces, before Primus and one of his closest friends, Sergeant Faubus Quilus, were forced to jump down the rockside cliff. The fall was brutal and long, breaking ten of Primus' bones. The fall would be fatal to Sergeant Quilus, who landed dead next to Primus. Primus crawled for two days to a nearby village, where he was saved by a civilian who called the Hierarchy. Primus was extracted five hours later after hiding in the civilian's basement.

Primus would need several months to recover from his injuries. He would be nicknamed "The Lone Survivor" from his actions. A year after his recovery was complete, he would receive a message from Phazton, asking him to find himself to a base orbiting Jupiter. The message states at the very end "It involves your Commander."

Octis Kurius would find himself in a dark place after the Reaper War. The death of his friends would weigh heavily on him. He would be marked as AWOL just a month after the lockdown of the 2nd MSRC. He would find himself on Omega, where he would spend his days and credits drinking and in self-pity. 

It wouldn't be long after this that Octis would decide to pick up a rifle and to begin targeting local gangsters and merc groups. Not out of good intention, but more out of the hope dying in a blaze of gunfire.

However, Octis would continue to successfully pick off merc operations. His resourcefulness and unwillingness to die would make him a difficult target. Many men who were sent to him never would return, and his operations would continue to anger merc groups. He would eventually be found, but not by the merc groups. He would receive a message from Phazton, asking him to find himself to a base orbiting Jupiter. The message states at the very end "It involves your Commander."

Claudell Harper, despite his short time in the 2nd MSRC, would gain enough recognition to allow him to easily enter the AMS (Alliance Medical School). Here, he would sharpen his knowledge and skills in the field of a combat life saver. After graduation, he would earn the designation of HM. Harper would work alongside other marine units. His service would quickly allow him to build up his military career and quickly he'd find himself as HM1 attached to the 3rd Alliance Marines, who launch colonial relief efforts in the Attirican Traverse. 

During a short leave for the 3rd Marines, Harper would receive a message from Phazton, asking him to find himself to a base orbiting Jupiter. The message states at the very end "It involves your Commander.".

Uriel Vertanos would have a statue risen in his honor back on Kahje. The ceremony would be attended by surviving Hanar and Drell. Uriel Vertanos would be acclaimed as a hero of the Drell people, his name becoming a household name among his people and an icon to the galaxy. 

Jason Kelce, despite being disowned by his family, would be seen as an olive branch between the humans and the Quarians. His efforts have shifted the minds of many Quarians on human behavior and capability. While the Quarians begin to migrate back to their home planet of Rannoch, one of the converted life ships was renamed in the Quarian fleet. It is now known as "Kelce". The crew onboard consist of thirty Quarians who help patrol Alliance space.

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